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Archive for "Oct 06 2006"

Hey, ABC? Does “Rathergate” Mean Anything to You Fools?

I think Mr. Ross is about to suffer a massive bite in his ass:
Macsmind » Foley Setup? – Part XIV – Putting it together

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Are You Ready for Some Football Lawsuits?

Pajamas Media: YouTube in Play for $1.6 Billion

The instant this–or any deal for similar dollars–is signed, YouTube gets buried under paper from all the outfits whose video properties makes up the bulk of the content found there. Record companies, MTV, MSM broadcasters, everybody will descend on them once it’s shown there is someone with deep enough pockets to make suing their ass profitable.

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Columbia: Moonbat Retard U. (updated)

I wasn’t surprised about the appearance of two members of the Minuteman Project drawing the crazies to show their colors at Columbia. But a part of today’s NY Post editorial: COLUMBIA’S SPEECH THUGS, caught my eye for purely nostalgiac reasons:

On a seemingly more mundane level – though the principle is important – the university recently suspended an ice-hockey club after supporters passed out recruitment flyers that contained a mildly offensive gender reference.

It was a misdemeanor if ever there was one – but Columbia dropped the hammer on the hockey club anyway, citing “an egregious violation of the rights of the students involved.”

Back in the day I played against Columbia puckheads in throwdowns at the old (pre-Chelsea Piers, when you had to actually ride an elevator to get there) SkyRink. They weren’t very good (I was in high school and regularly stoned their college boy asses cold when they tried to put one between my pipes), but in the late Seventies, finding anyone willing to put up their own money to rent ice late at night and strap on pads was always a chore (this was before Al Michaels’ “Do you believe in miracles?” hype brought a fleeting cachet to the game).

Anyway, I asked Mr. Google what they possibly could have put on the recruiting flyer that earned the club a suspension, and the answer to my question nearly made me fall off my chair:

Don’t be a pussy, play Columbia hockey

Fer chrissakes, that got the club suspended? I mean, how many performances of “The Vagina Monologues” has CU sponsored? I thought “pussy” was empowering! Did they piss off pedophilic lesbian rapists?

Then I thought about it some more, and decided they must have been suspended for false advertising. Or being spineless dicks. (TC: same thing)

First of all, “suspended” from what? They are not a recognized team in Columbia’s official athletic scheme. The college doesn’t seem to spend a nickel towards fielding the squad, according to the hockey club’s website. The players pay for everything. So I have to believe the club already is a pussy-filled load of Mary-asses, for not telling the college to piss up a rope when someone bitched about the flyer’s wording. If the school wasn’t paying, why pay attention to what it was saying? They minute CU said “we’re suspending you for being insensitive,” you answer “we’re gonna sue you for discrimination!” (It’s an entirely male, overwhelmingly lily-white roster, which is anathema in academia, and can easily be proved to be an “under duress” class of campus citizen. Shit, I could win that kind of case.)

I gotta believe the club could have come up with hundreds of instances where far harsher terms were used by “sanctioned” CU clubs that didn’t draw any form of official rebuke. They could have forced Columbia to back down. Instead, these chickenshit idiots caved.
Go play in a “no checking” league, you dweebs. And matching uniforms are not that hard to scrounge, you morons.

Still, the fact that something as trivial as that flyer could bring the university’s weight down, while storming a stage after hurling all sorts of invective, and then physically assaulting the invited speakers, was allowed to occur without any intervention by CU security makes it impossible for me to take anything going on at Columbia University seriously.

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