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Archive for "Oct 05 2006"

How About: The “State” Should not be in the “Marriage” Business

Althouse: What is the rational basis for banning same-sex marriage?

I don’t give a flip about previous court opinions, or any pro/con contest.

“Marriage” was invented by religious edict, later accepted by secular law as sort of a “per forma…automatic accepted”, to acknowledge the bonding of two individuals in a male/female combination under the edicts of the various religions’ dictates which no political group would ever think to assault. In the United States, a case can easily be made that it was a tax scam. But NOT ONE of the reilgious groups ever said Aiden stuffing Adam’s ass qualified as legitimate. The only people arguing seeem to be the factions more than willing to throw God under the bus.

For me, NO federal entity should be allowed to declare anything more than a secular, civil unions as recognized by any individual State.


Which will probably overwhelming pass in most of these “United” States’ assemblies.

You don’t like how your state votes?


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Eurabia: Londonistan Edition

THE decision to excuse a Muslim cop from guarding the Israeli Embassy was last night branded “the beginning of the end for British policing”.

Fury at ‘moral grounds’ cop out

PC Alexander Omar Basha told chiefs he was unable to carry out duties at the London embassy — a top terror target — due to moral grounds after Israeli bombings in Lebanon.

Top brass granted his request last week, but Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair last night ordered an immediate inquiry after our story broke. He said: “Having learned of this issue I have asked for an urgent review of the situation and a full report.”

Critics slammed the decision. Ex-Met Flying Squad commander John O’Connor said: “This is the beginning of the end for British policing.

“If they can allow this, surely they’ll have to accept a Jewish officer not wanting to work at an Islamic national embassy? Will Catholic cops be let off working at Protestant churches? Where will it end?….

Whoever signed off on letting this bobby out of his assignment based on his personal “morality” needs firing, along with the the officer in question. The whole point of a police force is to maintain social order and societal integrity, under the laws of the land, in a uniform fashion. You don’t get to pick and choose.

The minute he refused to accept the assignment, for whatever reason, he should have been suspended, if not outright fired. But as in the past, when Islamic nutters stage protests calling for death and beheadings for any uppity infidels during the MoHo cartoons fiasco, it seems the London Boys are more worried about being politically correct than equally applying the law to all the residents–and civil servants–of the ever more benighted island.

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