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Find Your Fights in the Street, and Stomp the Fucker on the Other Side

It seems I have suddenly found myself at loggerheads with Capt. Ed. He got pissed that I piled on when the NY Post mocked Olbermann’s alleged (and it still is alleged… NYPD refuses to even speak about it) anthrax “powder in an envelope” incident.

So What?

Is there any chance he’ll buy me a beer? Not in my life. If he ever comes to NYC, he won’t ride the ferry to come see me. He’ll whore out into Manhattan and clink glasses with that ridiculous “Atlas” bitch; become just another one of Them. Go to some Denton inspired “meet and greet” and pose for fucking pictures….

Why not just blend yerself some suckable puppies?

As opposed to many a current modem monkey, I’ve been out here too long to ever give a shit about the flavor of the day. I was running a web address before most ever heard there was a world beyond AOL. Fuck, when AOL was an Apple gig, I was an original signee.

When my arrogance flairs up, I remember I was out here long before most of youse. I remember the “dumpster diving” days to get 800 number passwords. I remember boxing telcos to run my phone calls through other people’s numbers…

And then I feel old and reach for my bottle of whiskey.

Beltway Blogroll: In The Blog’s-Eye: Time For New House Leaders?

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