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Archive for "Oct 01 2006"

Hey, Pop?

Gimme dat bizkit!

The Lip Has Officially Flipped

Jeez, Mickey. You’re too short to write this check:

He is Sen. Christopher Dodd of Connecticut and one of the reasons he may end up running for President is because he thinks his country has gone wrong in so many ways he loses count sometimes. This was Sen. Dodd talking the other day about a federal shield law for reporters he has co-sponsored with Sen. Richard Lugar and Sen. Arlen Specter, a bill we might need in George Bush’s America to keep Mark Fainaru-Wada and Lance Williams of the San Francisco Chronicle out of jail.

“This isn’t just about guys in your business,” Dodd said to me the other day. “It’s not about you and it’s not about me. This is much bigger than that: It’s about your readers, and it’s about my constituents, having a right to information.”

Yeah, fine, agreed; we deserve the information. But why do a couple of potzers toting “press” badges get allowed rights beyond what Dodd’s constituents–or your readers, Mikey–could ever hope when confronted by a cop on the street? We all have the same right: it’s goddamned written and it is listed as number Five of the Bill of Rights. Number One doesn’t equal “Get out of Jail Free.” For Christ’s sake, Mike, you or one of your pals probably watched RhoidBoy jack a spike in his ass.

The bill that was authored by Dodd and Lugar, a Republican, and has now added Specter, another Republican, to its list of sponsors, would give a “qualified privilege” to reporters like Fainaru-Wada and Williams, who have done more to illuminate steroid use in baseball, and educate the public about steroid use, than any elected official, any baseball official, any baseball player. Anybody, period.

I notice your crew, the sportswriters’ tribe, wasn’t included in that countdown, Lippy. You sportsbeat guys working the baseball racket were on the inside; you saw stuff, and you talked about stuff with the players and each other. You all knew, douchebag. So how come it took these two guys to get leaked grand jury testimony before that dime shined?

But if an appeals court doesn’t save Fainaru-Wada and Williams, and their case doesn’t make it to the Supreme Court, they could end up serving as much as 18 months in prison.

What’s this “save” shit, Lip? They broke a law to jabber about jocks doing juice. What, are you bucking for a NY Times byline? Where illegal disclosures for no true sunshine reasoning is considered diligent journo work?

Sen. Dodd is not looking to protect reporters in cases of national security. His bill, which he says gets “winnowed down” as it moves along (“We’re not going to get what we originally wanted, but we’ve got to get something,” he said), would not protect any journalist who was an eyewitness to a crime,….

Mike, here’s a real world blast: your boys were precisely eyewitnesses, and accessories, to a federal crime: the leaking of grand jury evidence. How dumb do you have to be to be blind to that salient fact?

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It’s Time to Retire “Blogger” and “Journalist”

The Puppy Blender has a poddie with Michael Totten on Independent Blog-Journalism and the Middle East, and the terminology is gnawing on me.

The latter noun has always pissed me off because it is patently and persistently misapplied, and the former is, I don’t know… kinda uncouth (yeah, Me! using such a term is just as off).

“Blog” sounds like something I might have coughed up. It’s a website; why not just call the damn thing what it is?

Anyone–and don’t give me that “citizen ___” crap–wanna take a run at new short hand hooks? Because these two are tiring my ass.

Winner gets a cookie!

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