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Olby and the Anthrax: Shennanigans!

Sorry, but this outpouring of indignation about the NY Post’s “Page Six” reportage of Keith Olbermann’s dusty envelope is making me wonder if a lot of people in Bloglandia are plain dumb fucks.

The main theme among the righteous seems to be
How Dare They Mock Him in his Moment of Terror!

Try this on for size: It smelled like a stunt, so they treated it as such.

Why else leave it tucked away in Page Six’s garbage-strewn back alley of celebrity bullshit? Say what you will about the NY Post, but I cannot believe for a moment that if this story had real legs the editors would have left it buried inside on Page Six. It had everything those limeys running the joint lust for in a story, providing a patented NY Post front page that would practically leap from newspaper kiosks:


There’s no way I buy that they’d pass on something like that just because Olby’s a whacked out Pied Piper of the BDS-addled Moonbats. First of all, the Daily News was gonna be hot on their asses to see if what they printed in Page Six was even legit. The Post has caught a world of hurt this past year for Richard Johnson and Jared Paul Stern’s screwups; they’d never allow this story to see print if it was purely fictitious bullshit. But how come not one other outlet picked this story up?

What really lead me to believe this is a big pile of publicity stunt is Drudge didn’t jump.

But now, after checking in at Olbermann Watch, I know it was a fucking con:

Oddball preceded another episode of Attack the Media. It was time to slam the “Rupert Murdoch owned” New York Post. This was all about the scare that was reported today, and the “shocking” way the paper wrote it up. KO gave a self-aggrandizing version of the events, disputing the paper’s claim that he insisted a check-up at the hospital. He asserts it was all the doing of the police officers, and he wanted to leave the hospital but they wouldn’t let him. Then, in a classic bit of OlbySpin, he slammed the Post for:

…its endorsement of terroristic threats from the radical right.
(emphasis mine)

The Radical Right! Moonbat fodder!

You want to know what this is all about? Olby’s ego. His book got blown away when Frank Rich’s hit Amazon; his “Special Comments” have been widely ridiculed as hyperventilated, hysterical horseshit; his sucking up to Bill Clinton was embarrasing to the max. Then, Jon friggin’ Stewart–a comedian hosting a fake show–scored an interview with Pakistan’s Musharref, instead of the self-annointed heir to Murrow. And to top it all, Olby’s personal Vader, Bill O’Reilly, claimed to be on an al-Queda hit list. Olby had to do something to bring his sheeple back to the fold. He needed something to show that the O-Man shakes the ground he walks on! He puts The Fear in BushCo’s dank, dark soul!

But since he’s Olby, he did something ass-fucking dumb. If this whole episode was the real deal, why wasn’t it wall to walled on MSNBC? Maybe because even bosses an co-workers didn’t buy it.

He better hope to hell he doesn’t sound like a freaked out little girl on that 911 tape. And he better pray to God the cops who answered the squawk don’t decide to talk.

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