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Faster, Please. And Shoot Opie and Anthony While You’re at It

Pirate Radio Stations Challenge Feds

In the corner of this cluttered electronics lab, hunched over a computer, sat Dunifer, their teacher, “the patron saint of pirate radio.” Part rock star, part Johnny Appleseed and fully the bane of the Federal Communications Commission, Dunifer has long, gray hair, large, clear glasses and a deep commitment to what he calls “Free Radio.”

“We’re not stealing anything. We’re claiming something that’s rightfully ours,” he says.

His goal is to create FM radio stations faster than the FCC can shut them down.

“It’s always been our position that if enough people go on the air with their stations, the FCC will be overwhelmed and unable to respond,” he says.

Standing on the sidelines, tuner in hand, golf-clapping my hands into bloody stumps. You go, girls!

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