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Dear Nutroots: “Big Dog” Needs to Get Shut Up and Put Down

If you leave this idiot out there, worrried about his “legacy,” you’re gonna remind everyone what a fucking asshole reaction your Political Elvis’s brainpan considered the idea of killing people who wanted to kill America: a nonstarter; Morris didn’t show it glowing in his polls. It’s not like they killed anyone important back then, just a boatload of Marines, Grunts, and the occasional citizens.
Video: Clinton flips out over Osama hunt on “Fox News Sunday”

also, from Just One Minute…

And I will take this opportunity to repeat what I think was my only original contribution to this sprawling brawl about Clinton’s priorities – Pulitzer Prize winner David Halberstam delivered “War in a Time of Peace – Bush, Clinton, and the Generals” in May of 2001. Although he covered Iraq, Somalia, Haiti, Bosnia, and Kosovo, there is not a hint of a mention of Al Qaeda or Osama Bin Laden. That suggests that, in all his digging and interviewing on the topic of Clinton at war, Halberstam never uncovered Clinton’s war on terror, or did not experience Clinton’s people pounding the table and emphasizing its importance.

Well, if Bill Clinton wants to spend the next month discussing his slack pursuit of Bin Laden as we run up to the election, let’s everybody blow the dust off their archives and get it on.

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