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Archive for "Sep 22 2006"

Gratuitous A-Hole Bashing

This is teh funny: A-Rod’s victory speech

Charlie Don’t Surf…

…but he damn sure could read the front page editorial in yesterday’s Daily News, telling Venezuela’s tin pot to shove it, so had little choice about releasing a statement “blasting” Chavez’s remarks at the UN on the day Chavez was gonna be taking his roadshow into the middle of Rangel’s congressional district.

Really, Charlie showed more heat when he called Bush “Bull Connor.”

All the attention he’s receiving is, to me, a wee bit surreal. What was he supposed to do, agree with the loon? He may be many things, but one thing Charlie Rangel is not is a batshit crazy moonbat suffering from BDS. He had to say something, since Chavez was in his own backyard, and if he did not rebuke the remarks he would have started a shitstorm in NYC–hell, nationwide–that could have splattered all over every one of his fellow Dems standing for office in November.

Same with Pelosi. She, like Rangel, had no choice about how to respond when reporters asked her what she thought about Chavez’s speech. Anything other than a blanket condemnation would have been handing red meat to every Republican Congessional candidate nationwide; the commercials would write themselves. What’s telling is they didn’t announce their “umbrage” immediately, instead waiting a day to make their statements, as if they were waiting to see which way the fallout was gonna blow….

But it doesn’t matter; it’s “too little, too late.” Chavez just provided a motherload to many a Dem candidate’s opponent. Any campaign communications director worth their paycheck is cutting adverts right now, juxtaposing Chavez’s slurs with the slurs these two, and other Dem “leaders,” have been regularly hurling at Bush.

Add a dash of Ahmawhatshisface from Iran, and close the commercial with “Which party do you trust to keep America safe?”

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