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Archive for "Sep 16 2006"

STOP THE PRESSES! Muzzies Mad at Pope!
Shine Up Your Armor, Secular Soldiers

They are calling for a replay of the Crusades.

okee-dokee. I got my coat of arms; I got my kilt….
I got three dogs and the same number of Mossberg shotguns.
Plus a couple of handguns: two nines and a forty five.

BRING IT ON, camel Fucker: Arab op-ed: Pope’s remarks may lead to war
TC’s remark: you want to call a full fucking war? Touch the Pope.

Count to fucking five before your mosques start exploding; your women get set on fire, and all your men eat fast flying lead.

Bring it, nigger. Bring it fast. We will stomp your fucking ass.

Note to Self

Dear Stupid Idiot,
What part of your mind thought that this guy:
Wasn’t gonna bite, kick and hiss when you brought him to the barber?

He weighs almost as much as the small dog.
Clipper: “Does he have his claws?”
ME: “Yeah, but don’t worry; I’ll hold him… he listens to me.”

You wondering why he almost chewed your thumb off, you arrogant punk?

Demerol, Valium, Qualuudes… whatever. Knock Tank out when you wanna get him clipped. Blowing dope smoke in his face only incites the hairy bastard.

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