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Archive for "Sep 13 2006"

File under: “You’re Friggin’ Kidding, Right?”

Shades of Meryl Streep:

George Clooney Will Speak To UN Security Council Thursday About Darfur

Someone in Bolton’s office needs their ass fired, if not beaten by Regis.

Air America Idiot Update (Updated)

If they’ve lost guys like this: Boycott Air America Radio : Indybay, they are living on more than Soros’s quickly vanishing dime; they are living on borrowed time.

UPDATE: Looks like the dime has finally been squeezed dry.

Today’s Ridiculously Out of Control, Power Mad Educrat, Shaolin Division

This broad has no idea what size can of whup-ass is about to be opened on her head:

A Staten Island principal is taking the city school cell phone ban to a new level – by confiscating and keeping the gadgets for up to six weeks, students say.

Principal Linda Waite sent a letter to McKee High School parents last week, saying the school will keep seized phones until a parent conference on Oct. 26 or 27.

The kiddie-poos are, not surprisingly, pissed to high heaven. But many of the kids’ parents–which here on Staten Island are not exactly the stablest bunch on a good day–are gonna want her strung up on a telephone pole.

Local rag the Retreat has more here; and a bunch of folks are getting worked up in the Retreat’s Our Schools Forum (scroll down a bit)

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