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Archive for "Sep 10 2006"

I Swear, with God as my Witness,

Next time I see that twee geek Stephanopolopotus by ABC’s midtown studios, I’m gonna be inclined to pounding the little bastard straight into the ground. Then light the wee carcass on fire and not let a midget piss on it.

Gorelick? And that shitbag semi-guido Ben-Vineste?

You’re going down, gyro boy… and that Cub fucker too!
(I’m expecting to be fully insane by noon… GONNA FIND ME A MUTT FAN!)

The Nutroots Are Going Nuts!

I’ve talked with some of the other organizers of the anti-Disney/ABC campaign, and we’ve decided, quite rightly, that if Disney/ABC runs this defamatory show tomorrow night, we are launching an all-out war against both companies. I’d like to start the discussion going, with your input, as to what the next steps should be, possible actions, etc.

You own an iPod, asshole? Toss it in the sewer, and melt your Mac, because Steve Jobs runs Disney, and Al Gore is his pal, and they let that flick fly, you dumb goober hippie bitch.

Gimme Some Popcorn So I Can Watch These Stupid Skips Going Wig!

UPDATE: CRIKEY! Her knickers are knotted up… over what?

What bloody year is this?

Blowback: All the 9-11-01 Liar Talking Heads

We’re sitting here, watching, and writing down your names. Save the DVD for your family.

That fag bastard on A&E (not Jim Dwyer… we will get your useless bastard ass when time is right… you think you’re fucking Breslin’s abject son? Cousin to the other who fills column inches in the NY tabs?
Are you Hamill’s son from an un-named whore?
Or just another Denis kinda kid from Queens?

Yo, Dwyer? Call the Hibernians. I’m in their Rolodex. The Black 47 guys hire me to tune their uilleann pipes.

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