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How Stupid Can All These People Be?

The firestorm over ABC’s television movie, “The Path to 911,” is becoming both hysterically funny and downright frightening. I’d never even heard the thing was scheduled to air before the shit hit the fan. Hell, I can’t even remember the last time I watched anything the Alphabet network offers, but I’ll probably be there with my popcorn and beer come Sunday evening. Some might think that the network cooked up the “controversy” just to gin up ratings that are now sure to go through the roof by getting viewers like me to tune into this thing.

Texas Rainmaker » The Cover Up Continues rounds out why–although there are certain things alleged to have occurred in the flick take “artistic license,” they are far closer to the truth than Danny Rather’s totally faked memos.

On the lunatic nutroot side, they are ready to party like it’s Rush Limbaugh’s wake and they’re preparing to burn Hannity at the stake, because they are convinced they push the Democrat Party’s buttons… and who could blame them for thinking as much?

Ace looks at the reasons everyone should think twice about what is playing out:

This is a precedent, as Allah notes. If an entire political party can threaten to pull a station’s license when it likes, well then, that precedent applies equally to the GOP. Why should we play by the rules if they won’t? Why shouldn’t we use our power in such a thuggish manner, too?

And so it begins: Election Season 2006. The election season that, as of right now, is more concerned with partisan ideology and refighting crap from the past than accepting that these motherfuckers still want to blow up ALL our asses. Where the right wants Clinton & Co. to wear their deserved failure out on their sleeves and the left wants nothing resembling that sort of thing.

Look, all you jackasses, this whole IslamoNazi shit started and geared up during Carter and Reagan’s watch. There are plenty of failing grades to go around, if all you want to play is the Blame Game.

Me? I don’t want anymore fucking multi-friend funerals–especially my own–because a bunch of Beltway cocksuckers (and the idiots who support them on both sides of the bloggy aisle) are more worried about this kind of bullshit instead of worrying about killing the fuckers who want all of us: Dem, Repub, Greenie or Indie; dead unless we bow to their goat fucking “prophet” and do what a pack of assholes Ayatollahs and Sheiks stuck in the Seventh Century decree what will be.

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