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Archive for "Sep 07 2006"

Gob Smack Alert! Broke Brained Andy Loses It


(image lifted from Ace)

 Andy of the Tortured Heart:

This is the Rove gambit: make this election a choice between legalizing torture or enabling the murderers of 9/11 to escape justice. The timing is deliberate; the exploitation of 9/11 gob-smacking; the cynicism fathomless. There is only one response: call them on it and vote for their opponents in November.


Bush wants clear guidelines. Sullivan is of course against that– as are all Democrats, and John McCain — because they want belly-slapping and arm-twisting and even chest-poking to be illegal, but they know damn well the public is not going to vote in favor of such a prohibition.


Once again the liberals are angry that, as an election approaches, Bush actually demands that liberals vote upon matters of important national concern. They would prefer to be vague on these matters; Bush demands a debate and a vote.

Why liberals imagine that the only topics worty of discussion during election years are abortion, health care, and Bush=Hitler is beyond me. But O Lord do they scream when they’re asked to vote on a matter in which they’d rather conceal their views from the public.


Listen: we know—and have known for years—where exactly the adminstration stands on fighting what it has told us will be a protracted war that needs to be waged on many fronts. SCOTUS has made it necessary for Congresspersons now to lay their cards on the table with respect to where each of them stands on how far we should be willing to go to gather the intelligence necessary to prevent future attacks, and the President has forced the issue.

It’s “put up or STFU” time, Sully. You claim to be a Catholic: an outright lie. You claim to be Conservative: again, an outright lie.

Hell, your little oasis known as P-Town (to the bears) is less tolerant than the rednecks living with me here on the Rock.

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Bloomberg Faces His Rudy Guli Moment

Iran’s Leader Declares Intent To Speak at U.N.

Diplomats at the United Nations were sent into disarray yesterday when President Ahmadinejad of Iran declared that he intended to attend the General Assembly of the world body on September 19 and to debate his country’s nuclear program with President Bush, who is due to address the Assembly that day.

This is it, Bloomie (and yo, Pataki? You too). If you really have any thought in your head about seeking higher office, you gotta go Roosevelt/Romney/Rudi on this lunatic’s gambit: No cops, period. He’s on his own from the minute he steps off the plane. If the State Department or kofi’s crooks complain, you tell them all “die in a fire.”

Not one nickel will be spent keeping this whack from getting smacked. Turtle Bay wants to bring him in? Fine, they do it on their own dime. But he gets absolutely no special treatment; no caravan from the airport to the East Side; no blockaded streets.

He’s just another tourist, albeit one with a far different type of target painted on his back.

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