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Throw Pavano Under the Bus


New York Daily News- John Harper:Crash course in losing patience

During Joe Torre’s 11 seasons as manager of the Yankees, his public support of his players has bordered on unconditional. Nobody is more loyal. So nothing was more telling in this latest Carl Pavano fiasco than Torre yesterday essentially saying he’d had enough.

Not that the manager called Pavano a no-good, lying so-and-so, or a $40 million bust. But then, he didn’t need to. Lee Mazzilli, who played for him 30 years ago, has always said Torre’s withering stare made him feel guiltier for crimes of stupidity than any screaming fit or X-rated diatribe he ever endured from another manager.

So it was yesterday with Torre. In expressing his disappointment and frustration with Pavano, it was mostly Torre’s cold, unsupportive tone that indicated he’d run out of patience with the months of injuries and now the strange story of Pavano’s mysterious car accident.

He’s been a complete bust since they day he was signed to that retarded contract. He’s had one, count it, one, succesful season in his career, but typical Yankee knee-jerk fear of him being signed by Boston led the team to heap the BossBucks on his head. Since then he’s been absolutely useless. Cut him loose. If you can’t void his contract, buy the bastard out and send him packing.

Boston’s looking to dump Boomer; I say go get him. You know he’s been kicking himself ever since he left, and Epstein can’t be a dick about what he wants for him. Bring him back as part of the roster expansion. You cannot go wrong bringing a lefty with a rubber arm who has proven he can thrive in the Yankee’s insane pressure cooker domain.

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