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Air America Idiot Update

This ought to be interesting: Air America Gets New NY Flagship

[tag]Air America[/tag] has lined up a new New York flagship radio station for its left-leaning network. Beginning Sept. 1, the network will begin broadcasting on [tag]WWRL[/tag] owned by Access 1. Air America will supplant WWRL’s black talk format.

WWRL (1600AM) is a decidedly inferior signal to what [tag]WLIB[/tag] pushes; from dusk until dawn it is, for all practical purpose, off the NYC metro market’s airwaves:

After sunset and before sunrise, WLIB loses portions of Westchester County, but WWRL loses chunks of every borough and all but a sliver of New Jersey.

This is a big handicap in winter when signal restrictions begin as early as 4:30 p.m. and end as late as 7:30 a.m. — clipping radio’s critical “drive times.”

The big question is going to be which Air Idiots will WWRL decide to broadcast come the first of September:

It was not announced which network programs WWRL will carry. The station has a lucrative block of paid programs from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., and its own lineup includes Sam Greenfield and Armstrong Williams in the morning and Larry Elder, Ron Daniels and Alan Colmes later in the day.

Air Idiot will now have an even tougher road to hoe, as they will be pushing a shittier signal, in addition to having to compete against WLIB, where former Clear Channel honcho Randy Daniels is said to to be ready to wheel out “progressive” syndicated talkers, like Ed Shultz and Stephanie Miller (and also Al Sharpton, if memory serves correctly), in addition to locally focused shows.

A lot of the Idiots’ current (albeit crappy) audience are not gonna bother following them up the dial if Daniels–broadcasting on a better signal–gives them a second, better option, one where actual radio pros are running the joint, instead of the clueless, revolving door kind of nightmare management Air Idiot features.

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