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Archive for "Jul 29 2006"

Air America Idiot Update

Calling All (or any) McCain/Feingold Campaign Finance, “Have Read and Can Explain that Crap” Types Out There

Someone needs to explain something for me:
Al Franken Getting Celebrity Support

The list of contributors to comedian Al Franken’s political action committee reads like a celebrity who’s who: singer Barbra Streisand, writer-director Nora Ephron, actor-writer Larry David and actor Jimmy Smits.

Franken, who hosts a radio show on the liberal Air America Radio network, is considering challenging Sen. Norm Coleman, R-Minn., in 2008. Franken moved his show from New York City to Minneapolis earlier this year, fueling speculation of a possible bid.

His leadership PAC, Midwest Values PAC, raised $500,000, according to a review of campaign finance reports. Franken couldn’t use the money for his own race, but he can contribute to other candidates, engendering goodwill.

He has used the cash to contribute to national Democratic Party organizations, Minnesota Senate candidate Amy Klobuchar and House candidates Coleen Rowley, Tim Walz and Patty Wetterling,

Here’s the WTF?: Back ’round a year ago, two Seattle radio talkers were slapped down and told “STFU and/or Pay Up by a Washington Superior Court judge just for advocating a position on a local issue:

Talk-radio hosts regularly discuss candidates and ballot issues, often with a particular point of view in favor of one or opposed to another.

Do those comments constitute a financial contribution to a campaign?

Thurston County Superior Court Judge Chris Wickham thinks they do. In a ruling issued Friday, Wickham said the comments and activities by KVI-AM (570) hosts Kirby Wilbur and John Carlson on behalf of the Initiative 912 campaign are in-kind contributions that must be reported to the Public Disclosure Commission.

If those two local jocks’ actions–who never solicited a nickel, just verbally proselytized against a local civic concern–could be considered “in-kind” donations, then how on any sane plane can Franken openly recruit donations, dole out the dough to selected candidates and causes, and continue to broadcast on an (abeit shit-like performing) almost nationally distributed network? Especially when the talker in question has made it quite clear he is seriously building an infrastructure for a push to achieve s US Senate seat?

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MSM? Please Don’t Gloss The Truth:
Call a Spade a Spade Jihadi Pyscho

The Jawa Report: Islamic Terrorism in Seattle, Jewish Woman Dead

Seems to me that randomly killing members of an ethnic or religious group as a message to the larger group is the very definition of terrorism.

And this bastard’s yellow sheet certainly qualifies him to be declared as an American Islamofascist looking to get in good standing with the brotherhood.

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Call a Spade a Spade Jihadi Pyscho

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