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Archive for "Jul 19 2006"

“Jihad!,” you say? How about a Real Crusade Landing on Your Ass?

Hezbollah Rockets land in Jesusville

A Hezbollah rocket slammed into a building Wednesday in the mainly Arab town of Nazareth, killing two children and wounding at least two other people, Israeli authorities said.

Smoke billowed from the damaged building and its roof appeared to be mostly destroyed, television video showed. Residents ran to the building and helped firefighters.

The two children were killed by a direct hit from a Katyusha rocket on the building, the army said.

You realize the real holy rollers in America are gonna get pissed when they hear about this? Or has all that goat-fucking gone to your heads and you just want in on the raisins?

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Tawana II: The Duke Boogaloo

Ever hear of the “Group of 88”? Me neither. This person did, and shredded their shit

The comments of figures such as Lubiano and Holloway exemplify elements that Bauerlein identified as common to a “groupthink” faculty. “Apart from the ill-mannered righteousness,” he noted, “academics with too much confidence in their audience utter debatable propositions as received wisdom”; questionable assertions—like those in the Group of 88’s statement—are “put forward not for discussion but for approval.” The process, Bauerlein recognized, produces comments whose “tendentiousness is striking to everyone except those involved.” As a result, “Instead of uniting academics with a broader public,” groupthink “isolates them as a ritualized club.”

See, it doesn’t matter whether the crackilly-happy hooker/stripper actually was assaulted….

It’s the “Freudian/Laconian” context that charges her charge that needs to be addressed.


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I’ll Never Figure This Crowd Out

Today is a Nutroots Holy Day: Blogosphere Day, on which day the Moonbat masses are exhorted to throw mammonic offerings to the yearly election cycle deity du jour, which the superseekrit mailing list priesthood has decided is the most important race in the nation.

Our message is simple. No longer will candidates be considered unelectable for holding progressive views.

To get to that sentence you have to pass through two earlier paragraphs which list the previous iterations of this Holy Day of Obligation Cash Extraction, which both resulted in recipients of said offerings ending up decidedly unelected. This year, the money is being directed to the coffers of Ned Lamont:

This election is only twenty days away. Ned Lamont will personally match every dollar we raise today with a dollar of his won (sic).

Lemme get this straight: he’s got a big enough wad in his pocket that he’s willing to match whatever they manage to raise today? They pull in a mill, Lamont pulls the same from his pocket?

Are they really that bloody batshit crazy?

They’re telling me there is not one (or more) candidate(s) anywhere else across the nation in a competetive race–that is not a goddamned multimillionaire with cash to burn–who could use an influx of funds to possibly put them over the top, and actually win for a change.

Because if Lamont wins the primary (personally? close, but no cigar for Neddy), he’s toast come November. The CT Repubs will vote for Lieberman on the independent line just to fuck with the nutroots crew. They’ll remain “oh for when it mattered.”

With the kind of cash they can raise, are there no cooler heads in their midst to decide which fights they can actually win? Because piling up meaningless “moral” victories is politically pyrrhic, folks; it don’t mean shit at the end of the day.

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