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Archive for "Jul 16 2006"

Be Still My Wildly HungOver Heart

From EUrabia, British Edition:

No socialist group in Britain is saying what needs to be said today about the crisis in the Middle East. All the groups on the organised Left are busy denouncing Israel for its “aggression” against Gaza and Lebanon. Many are expressing their solidarity with the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples. None are saying that Israel needs and deserves the support of the Left.

But that is exactly what they should be saying.

You really ought to read the rest of this lucidity laid out by a Lefty Limey

PS: anything I, or one of the fucking idiots who crashed in my yard last night, instead of being good and getting their asses out of my neighborhood after enjoying barbecue and prodigious amounts of beerage and high octane single malt stuff… where was I? Oh, yeah, anything posted, commented upon, or generally said, typed, or (god help me) uploladed from the camera bank (i got little guys tucked all around inside and out) with that fucking renegade iBook that I did not apply security protocols to, but found its way into the backyard in cahoots with the lunatic crew between the morning hours of three and five is not frackin’ mine.

I’ll get all sorts of liberal, victim, idiot dick about this.

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Fisking? More Like a Shit Kicking

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More Fingerboard Follies

Tell me, please, what bloody difference is there between this crap and your run of the mill, off the cuff blog entry?

It’s badly constructed filler fluff, written by an obtuse idiot, and greenlighted by an editor who can only be considered a total ass. The language and construction are lax to the max, and the “reporter” seems to have begun and ended her “tour of the Island’s cultural scene” by planting her ass at one facet of the lone address she attended and cribbed a couple of quotes.

Hell, I’ve done better “reporting” half in the bag with a bug up my ass without ever leaving my seat.

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