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Archive for "Jul 13 2006"

Nothing’s Over ’til Joe & Val Says it’s Over!

Here comes the circus:
Plame Sues Cheney, Rove Over CIA Leak – July 13, 2006

…Plame and Wilson charge that the defendants’s actions have led them to “fear for their safety and for the safety of their children.”

Right. Your mugs plastered all over the place after the shit hit the fan sure helped you two twits keep a low profile. Who knew Graydon Carter and Vanity Fair were part of the VRWC?

Up to now, you have been, relatively speaking, been treated with kid gloves. Only bloggy politics junkies knew anything about you two. That’s over. The defence lawyers are gonna tear your lives apart–and splash all the juicy bits anywhere and everywhere–before the first official depositions ever gets filed.


They didn’t seem to be overly concerned about privacy when they turned out for the White House Correspondents Dinner, during which Colbert actually pointed them out from the podium. As for financial impairment, three years after they became Jesus and Mary Magdalene in the nutroots’s version of the Passion, Joe Wilson has a bestseller to his credit and does brisk business on the lecture circuit. (Request him for the topic, “Speaking Truth to Power and the Consequences.” You won’t regret it!) Plame will eventually write her own memoir and they’ll make a bundle on that too.

The Corner’s JPod:

This comes less than a day after Robert Novak made it blatantly clear that the revelation of her CIA employment and her name was absolutely not part of any conspiracy — and that the CIA’s chief spokesman himself said nothing to him about the danger he might put her in by naming her. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you, Valerie. Because, you see, if the suit is summarily dismissed, she and Joe will be laughingstocks. And if it goes any further, Dick and Karl and Scooter will have the right to do discovery — and then, I believe, Val ‘n’ Joe will reap the whirlwind.

Soros Really PAYS for This?

Look, I got questions I’d ask Mr. Joe Torre, and Master Cashman, but shit! Who the fuck are you clowns, anyway? At least I got a track record of scrutiny about my favorite obsession that doesn’t look more desperate than an ABC actress reading a dumbassed script to find her “focus”:

Media Matters – Suggested questions for the media to ask Novak regarding the Plame affair

O’Dub should be embarrassed to be floating in this tank, if the fucker had a modicum of soul. Then again, I may be asking for something that’s ethically grasping.

And WhyTF am I bothering? That idiot is whiter than me. I deal with more “minority” reality living in Port Richmond, SI NY every day than that fat Redskin-luvin’ fuck has ever. Shit, when Guliani was “prosecution from Hell” us guys who shoveled Castellano’s driveway were all wondering when they would come after us.

If BushHitlerCo is so bloody efficient at angling the story, why haven’t they come after you and your Kool-Aid crew?

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HuffPo’s Loki: Questions for Your Local Progressive Moonbat

A sampler:

– IF ‘dissent is patriotic’ then why are you guys being so brutal to Joe Lieberman for dissenting from you on Iraq?
– If gay marriage is such a slam dunk civil right, why did you sit on your asses while Clinton AND Gore came up with and signed the Defense of Marriage Act?
– If you take away your anger toward Republicans, is there anything left?
– Can you explain globalization and why it’s bad without sounding like a gibbering idiot?
-If a tornado hit your home would you blame Bush?
– If your wife blew the pool guy would you blame Bush?

My personal fave:

-How come all of you were suspicious of Arianna when she was a Republican yet think her aspirations now that she’s a ‘progressive’ are based upon deep conviction?

Print ’em out and keep ’em in yer pocket!

Greg Gutfeld: 75 QUESTIONS TO ASK ANY PROGRESSIVE! NOT FRONT PAGED! EVER!| Zsa Zsa’s House of Preening Asshatted Moonbats

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