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Archive for "Jul 11 2006"

Semper “Wow!” Fi; Take a Look at these Guys

I did not RTFA

but the headline screamed “Pimp Me!”
Ace of Spades HQ: Splitting Atoms… With His Ass

UPDATE: I RTFA; file under “AoSHQ Lifestyle,” alongside “D&D Nerd.”

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Shelly Silver Sucks (contd)

Shelly the Shitheel in action, not as the boss of the NY Assembly, but as an ambulance chaser looking to hit the public fisc:

State Parks Commissioner [tag]Bernadette Castro[/tag] yesterday called it “appalling” that the law firm that employs Assembly Speaker [tag]Sheldon Silver[/tag] is actively soliciting clients to sue the state and she called on Silver himself to do something about it….. [tag]Weitz & Luxenberg[/tag] denied “directly” targeting people injured in state parks, even though its Web site lists every state park and the types of accidents that can occur, while urging accident victims to contact the firm because “you may need the legal help of a New York personal injury attorney to get compensation for your pain and suffering.”

Silver flaunts state law by not revealing his compensation as an “of counsel” member of this firm, claiming his role as overlord of the state assembly–where attempts at tort reform, to stop the torrent of lawsuits such as his firm is currently trolling for, go to die–has no bearing on his work for the firm, according to Shelly. We’re supposed to just take his word for it that, whatever the hell he does as “of counsel,” it has nothing to do with the laws these lawyers work under–and he decides which get put on the books in his “other” job. Please.

If [tag]Eliot Spitzer[/tag] really wants to change “business as usual” in [tag]Albany[/tag], his first matter of business needs to be cutting Shitheel off at the knees.

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