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Re: Goldstein/Frisch

After reading a fuck lot more than I care to admit about this shit, I gotta say: The majority of “lefty bloggers” who have weighed in would get the shit kicked out of their asses if they ran this “Yeah, but” crap they’ve been tossing up while sitting at the corner of my favorite bar or standing in anyone I know’s backyard; offering their two-bits on this situation as they have in a physical public forum would get their lights punched out just by every mother with a child I know, regardless of political affiliation or level of education. (exemplified in the comments (not the host’s post) here, and, well, you can imagine how the fuckers in Kossackstan and Eschatonland are making that example look practically benign.)

Let’s get something straight, people: an overwhelming majority of America doesn’t know, or care, who you are, where you went to school, whether you drive a Prius, or who you voted for. They don’t even know you’re alive. Getting treated like rock stars at Yearly Kos or some boring as fuck MeetUp is akin to being the best-decked Klingon at a Star Trek convention.

This ain’t about politics, assholes. If your entire existence’s pulse is wrapped in your political idealogy so tightly that you cannot just say “Deb Frisch is a psycho bitch” when she was threatening another person’s two year old kid–because she was batshit crazy pissed at the kid’s old man–people who don’t drool over their Sitemeter numbers and BlogAds clicks would think that you are fucking nuts.

I mean, c’mon! The bitch is reveling in her Warhol moment of infamy. She’s probably sitting by her phone or keyboard waiting for Arianna to offer her a slot over at Zsa Zsa’s House of Preening Asshatted Moonbats.

Anyway, since the stink seems to have caught their noses, let’s start the call-in/email campaign to get some MSM outlet to pair Goldstein against Kos (or one of his capos) in a penis slapping showdown over: Lieberman v. Mentos; some crazed semantical breakdown of “Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, or “Pooters– For or Against?”

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