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Archive for "Jul 07 2006"

Eurabia: British Edition

Here’s a depressing story to read on the first anniversary of the UK learning that there really is a war going on, and it ain’t just aimed at the USA:
Dhimmi Watch: New calls to replace St. George as England’s patron saint to avoid offending Muslims

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The Irony Dial is Set at Eleven

Wasn’t one of NY Times editor Bill Keller’s various explanations for printing the SWIFT exposé was that “everyone knew about it,” so his paper wasn’t really publishing a national security secret when they decided to run with the story?

According to today’s issue of his newspaper the European Parliament
never got the memo:

In a resolution that reflected rising concern among Europeans about their countries’ cooperation in the United States’ effort to curb terrorism, the Parliament voted 302 to 219, with 22 abstentions, to demand that the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the European Union’s 25 member states “explain fully the extent to which they were aware of the secret agreement” between Swift, an international banking consortium, and the United States government.

I hope you choke on that Pulitzer, scumbag. Thanks to you blowing the lid on this operation, getting those EU assholes to agree to help us with anything seems pretty much shot to hell for the foreseeable future.

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