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Archive for "Jul 06 2006"

The Rocketboom Soap Opera; Lesson to be Learned? Never Play by the Boss George Rules

Popular News Anchor Leaves Video Blog Site

lot’s more here, and here.

I was never remotely close to a regular vistor; the three minute format and the presenter’s delivery was just over-sacchrinated web candy in my eyes. I probably wouldn’t have ever bothered checking it out if not for Jeff Jarvis hyping it back when nobody knew it existed. And I feel pretty confident that I could spend four or five hours wandering various local neighborhoods without one person crossing my path having any idea what I was talking about if I asked if they had ever heard of it.

Hell, there are probably tens (hundreds?) of thousands of people who regularly swim in this here digital ocean that also never heard of this supposed “big fish.” But that didn’t stop the retarded blog money that’s floating around from coming into Rocketboom’s life when the hype machine landed at their feet. Then, it seems egos came into play.

The lesson to be learned in this meltdown of another Internet Darlingâ„¢ that suddenly looked to break out of it’s niche–at least financial-wise, is pretty clear: if you own 49% of something, at the end of the day you don’t own jack shit. It’s the Steinbrenner Rule applied in all its dictatorial glory. If you mess with Mr. 51, you learn you are a partner in name only. Your opinion about anything, ultimately, doesn’t mean a damn thing in the grand scheme.

You are along for the ride, so sit back and STFU.

I guess a reverse rule could be coined “The Wonkette Principle,” in regards to Miss Cogdon. Sure, you gained some Internet fame (which means a huge majority of Americans couldn’t pick you out of a lineup) that you can parlay, but what got you “famous” never belonged to you, so you better milk it, fast, because many will soon forget about you as you–Amanda Cogdon–settle into another niche, while the Rocketboom brand will just retool and keep chugging along.

“Snap Quiz: Who originally hosted The Daily Show?”

And whatever happened to him?

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Many a Moonbat is Thinking the Same Thing

There are some seriously goofy Brits
working for Murdoch these days:


Because wouldn’t it be typical for Darth Rove
and Emperor Cheney to have staged
this obvious BushHitlerCo charade to save Kenny Boy?

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