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Archive for "Jul 06 2006"

The Camera’s Eye Don’t Lie

Remember: “MURTHA–US Biggest Bastards on the Planet” immediately followed by “MURTHA: THAT’S NOT WHAT I SAID!”

Yeah, right:

Read the transcript and decide for yourselves whether Murtha was misquoted. True, the reporter should have mentioned that Murtha was citing “world opinion” when he said that the American presence in Iraq is more dangerous than nuclear threats from North Korea or Iran. But it’s clear that he was using that statistic to support his own position on Iraq.

If Murtha disagrees with “world opinion” on this issue, yet goes around citing it to support his position on Iraq, well… that’s pretty disingenuous, isn’t it?

No, it’s lieing through your teeth after you got bagged and tagged.

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Because Machetes/Samurai Swords are SUCH a ’90s Brand of Whacko

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NY’s CD-13: Send Me Some KosKids, Stevie!

The NY Daily News tried to give him a boost by running a slew of articles about some sketchy accounting in Fossella’s books, but if this idiot: Steve Harrison – Democrat for Congress – Upbeat on America doesn’t do something soon, I switching all my bets to strictly over/under plays and just sleep through the campaign. I live on Staten Island’s North Shore, which this guy has to just dominate to stand anything remotely resembling a chance, and my house–with Wife a registered Dem–has yet to receive a single piece of direct mail or a knock on the door from a canvasser acting in his name.

Lavelle has already started with the mailings, and even sent a couple of canvassers around who never mentioned Harrison (I immediately threatened with setting the dogs on them if they didn’t get off my lawn after their spiel, and told them not to come back until their boss got his nose out of Shelly “the Shitheel” Silver’s ass).

At least send some nutroots out on the hustings, Steve-O! I’m getting bored waiting for you to get your ass in the game. And the beasts need the exercise.

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