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Archive for "Jun 29 2006"

Wanna Read Something Mind-Bogglingly Dumb?

Imagine, if you can stomach it, that you are House Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi. You’ve just had a SCOTUS decision delivered that your nutroot legions are doing the Happy Dance over; finally busting out their bottles of Fitzmas champagne to celebrate the comeuppance of the Imperial Chimp presidency. The MSM is portraying the decision as a blow against the Administration, with the word of the day in MSM Land declared “rebuke.”

What do you do? Well, you hand Karl Rove a Kong-sized club to beat the crap out of every Democrat candidate you are banking on helping you become Speaker of the House after the November mid-term elections because you’re too dumb to know when to just STFU:

WASHINGTON, June 29 /U.S. Newswire/ — House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi released the following statement today following the United States Supreme Court decision that trying Guantanamo detainees before military commissions violates U.S. law and the Geneva Conventions:

“Today’s Supreme Court decision reaffirms the American ideal that all are entitled to the basic guarantees of our justice system….

That’s right, sports fans, Nancy thinks that Osama bin Asshole and any member of his Happy Band of Jihaddies we catch on the battlefield should enjoy the same rights the Constitution grants to American citizens. Behind her mooonbatty eyes, her brain tells her there is nothing intrinsically wrong with treating him and his cohorts–who consider Pelosi’s San Francisco district a fuckin’ poster child for why infidels need to die–the same as some stickup punk who shot up the local 7-11 to help fuel his crack habit. Next thing you know, she’ll be demanding these non-citizens should be allowed to vote! Oh, wait a minute….

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Sandcrawler Repairs Completed…

Armor upgraded; attitude intact: The Jawa Report is Back!

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The Hamden Decision–TC’s Fix for It

No new laws are needed; here’s the solution:

SCOTUS said Mooji Hamden has to be treated under the articles of the Geneva Convention. By stating that to be the case, those robed assholes in the majority on this ruling have declared that the USA has an unsigned treaty with Osama bin Asshole’s al-Quada nation-state, with which we are at war. I don’t see any other way to interpret the decision that doesn’t involve getting into all the technical crap lawyers fling around like monkeys in zoos playing with their poo.

Okay, fine, let’s play it that way: every Mooji in our custody now, and in the future, will hereby be classified an al-Quadan P.O.W. (instead of the nebulous “enemy combatant”). Any otherwise identified allied faction any prisoner(s) claims membership in will be treated as a subsection (like “82 Airborne”) of the al-Quada nation-state’s Armed Forces. Their asses stay/get locked up in Gitmo (or wherever the US Armed Forces Command decides to park said asses) for the duration of time it takes for the head of that nation-state to sign a cease-fire or agrees to terms of surrender. In other words, forever.

Any person not from that nation-state (which does not exist), or a fellow citizen of any individual prisoner’s country of birth who denies membership in said nation-state bearing recognized, legal credentials has no standing to act in any prisoner’s behalf. Any lawyer, “human rights” group or other organization presenting themselves as a representative of any prisoner not meeting those requirements–I’m looking at you, ACLU –will be treated as acting in collaboration with said nation-state in prosecuting war against the US, and thrown in the cell next door to their “client.”

Or, in accordance with Geneva, since said P.O.Ws were out of their nation-state’s (non-existant) uniform, they will all be summarily shot.

Would that be legal? Who cares? Duking that shit out in various, globe-girdling courts would take decades. But all those Mooji bastards’ asses would still be, one way or the other, off the battlefield for eternity.

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