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Archive for "Jun 27 2006"

Kill the Dolans!

At least Dolan the Younger; the Talentless, Tactless Hack:

James Dolan accused Larry Brown yesterday of deliberately setting himself up to be terminated in order to collect $50 million for 11 months of work.

Please, Jimmy, we were all watching what happened last season. Isiah “Zeke” Thomas stabbed Brown in the back every chance he could, and you went along with it. Marbury flat out refused to abide by Larry’s game plan and Thomas didn’t immediately ship that piece of shit out of town.

You could have dug John Wooden up from the ground, and he’d have had as much chance of success as Brown ever had. Do you really believe naming Zeke the coach is gonna change anything?

“This is his team,” Dolan said. “He made this bed. There is nobody better than him to make this thing go forward but he has to do that. And he has one year, one season to do that. At this time next year Isiah will be with us if we can all sit here and say this team has made significant progress toward its goal of eventually becoming an NBA championship team. If we can’t say that, then Isiah will not be here.”

Some questions, if we’re expected to believe you (which no one in this town does for one of our minutes): Why didn’t you make Zeke the coach in the first place? Why bring Brown in at all? And what will you define as “significant progress,” considering they just had the shittiest season I’ve seen them turn in in my lifetime? How many more wins will it take Jimbo, seven; a 14 game turnaround?

That’ll give a whopping total of THIRTY, Jimmy… with 52 losses.
No playoff soup for you!

The Lip’s having none of Dolan’s bullshit:

Dolan also said yesterday that he practically “begged” Brown to stay on when he met with him last week, right before he fired him. Dolan’s idea of begging Brown to stay was getting him to sign a document stipulating that he, Brown, would do everything the way Dolan and Thomas want it done around the Knicks. And after being with the Knicks a year, after seeing Dolan’s operation from the inside, why would Brown, or anybody else in his right mind, agree to something as insane as that?

Well, Dolan is of the belief that if he throws enough money on the table, it behooves you to believe his shit smells like roses, and Isiah Thomas actually is the grandest basketball mind alive, and will you please stop comparing his résumé to Larry “Mortal Lock for the Hall of Fame” Brown’s… it’s not fair!

Thomas takes responsibility for nothing. But even as Dolan officially put him on the clock yesterday, saying he is the next one to get it if the Knicks don’t show big improvement next season, you have to say Isiah Thomas had a successful day because he got his story out. And an amazing story it is: The only two players on the Knicks who matter suddenly are Stevie Francis and Jalen Rose. Why? Because Thomas convinced Dolan that they’re only on the team because Brown wanted them.

The other stiffs Thomas brought in here, the stiffs who help make up the biggest payroll in the NBA, suddenly they don’t matter. Only Francis and Rose. “We went off-plan,” Thomas said. Right, up until then he had a great plan going for him, an brilliant, inspired plan.



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Putting the “Moon” in Moonbat?

The Commissar is asking a question about a segment of the “reality based” brigade that seem to be treated like a crazy aunt locked in the attic by their Left leaning secular sidekicks:

Just like there is some overlap, a nexus between Republican politics, fundamentalist Christianity, and Creationism…. What is the overlap, the nexus between Democratic politics, New Age thinking, Birkenstocks, Astrology, bikram yoga, Gaia believers .. you know .. “crunchy granolas?”

Some don’t seem to be taking the question too well….

Astrology – The Left’s Creationism? at The Politburo Diktat

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