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Archive for "Jun 26 2006"

Keller Offers an Arrogant, Asinine Explanation

I read the thing twice now, and can’t believe how stupid Keller believes Americans must be to accept his horseshit reasoning for the NY Times breaching–again–national security, simply because he and his monkey fucking minions find what some politically driven disgruntled scumbag(s), violating their sworn duty to protect such information from dissemination, dump it on their desks, and Keller & Co. then print the highly classified information because they find it “interesting.”
(“interesting”– shoves stick in BushHitler anti-terror vehicle’s spokes)

It’s an unusual and powerful thing, this freedom that our founders gave to the press.

Look, asshole, you might believe the Founders were bestowing that part of the First Amendment on your specific profession, but thinking so doesn’t make it so. That right was enumerated because without it, another part of the First, granting the right to free speech, is actually pretty damn weak.

Anyone can stand on a street corner (or sit on a barstool) and say whatever the hell they want, but the only people who know what is said are those within earshot. The shorthand version of power derived from those two facets of The First is: Talk’s cheap; put it in writing.

Blender Boy hammers Keller’s arrogant idiocy in declaring that power to be the posession of his profession:

A deeper error is Keller’s characterization of freedom of the press as an institutional privilege, an error that is a manifestation of the hubris that has marked the NYT of late. Keller writes: “It’s an unusual and powerful thing, this freedom that our founders gave to the press. . . . The power that has been given us is not something to be taken lightly.”

Keller positions himself as some sort of Constitutional High Priest, when in fact the “freedom of the press” the Framers described was also called “freedom in the use of the press.” It’s the freedom to publish, a freedom that belongs to everyone in equal portions, not a special privilege for the media industry. (A bit more on this topic can be found here.)

Characterizing the freedom this way, of course, makes much of Keller’s piece look like, well, just what it is — arrogant and self-justificatory posturing. To quote Keller: “Forgive me, I know this is pretty elementary stuff — but it’s the kind of elementary context that sometimes gets lost in the heat of strong disagreements.”

Or institutional self-importance.

Hugh Hewitt tears apart Keller’s explanation for the Old Grey Bitch’s decision to run their SWIFT exposé over at his place.

Keller and Pinchy-poo need their asses slammed into a federal dock, now.

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