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Archive for "Jun 25 2006"

It’s About Time

Limeys versus Krauts! Somebody pass me the peanuts.
Hooligans finally start acting hooliganly.

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Ye Gods, Kos!

Sweet baby Jeebus… look at this picture of Kos basking in Mark Warner’s glow that accompanies Can Daily Kos Control Dems? in Newsweek–which smacks the little bastard around a bit


How flat fucking Maytag! is that?

I’m Watching “Reliable Sources” Right Now…

and they’re featuring Frank Rich talking like an absolute tool, relating how his paycheck’s penchant for leaking classified terror-fighting stuff is no big whup because–and this was goddamned “take your breath away” priceless–some cable show called “The Cell” has written into its script their terrorists act under the assumption their phones are tapped… as if that justified the Old Grey Bitch releasing classified shit.

Why am I seriously not surprised this gibbering idiot is on Pinch’s payroll? And why didn’t David Frum smack Rich like a bitch for saying such inane shit?

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