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Archive for "Jun 24 2006"

Put Pinch in the Pokey, NOW!

…and throw that arrogant bastard Keller in alongside the Sulzberger family’s stock killing scion.

Today’s editorial, where the Old Grey Bitch tries to defend itself for publicizing, yet again, one of the tools America’s defense infrastructure uses–which, no matter who is in the White House, would be needed for dealing with these Islamofascist nutbags for nobody knows how long, but has now been rendered useless–and once again couching their reasoning for such an egregious breach of national security as defending the “people’s right to know” practically begs for it:

In the heightened state of emergency after 9/11, the government began examining the Swift* records with the help of general administrative subpoenas, which are basically permission from one part of the executive branch to another. Now it is nearly five years later, and nothing has changed. Investigators have examined the international money transfers of thousands of Americans, apparently without ever trying to get a court order or warrant to do the searches. And Congress, as usual, has never exercised any oversight.

[*editor’s note: “Swift” s/b SWIFT; an acronym for “Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication”… which of the “multiple layers” edits your asses in the hope of you morons getting the simple shit right?]

Those highlighted lines are a legally twisted language construction of a politically partisan-driven lie. Making it out like me asking my next door neighbor “can I fuck with the guy across the street?” and she replying “works for me!” is absolute bullshit.

SWIFT does not possess detailed financial data such that would allow someone to dip into their databases to look at any random American’s accounts. SWIFT is a financial industry messaging service:

SWIFT is the financial industry-owned co-operative supplying secure, standardised messaging services and interface software to 7,800 financial institutions in more than 200 countries. SWIFT’s worldwide community includes banks, broker/dealers and investment managers, as well as their market infrastructures in payments, securities, treasury and trade.

SWIFT was born, in 1973, as a means for member government treasuries and major financial institutions to communicate with each other. They did not then, or now, give a rat’s ass about Bob in Duluth, Trevor in Trenton, or Achmed in Albany’s individual checking, savings or money market accounts, unless those accounts were moving monstrous amounts of money. With an ocean of capital ebbing and flowing across the globe, SWIFT told the major players where it was coming from and ending up. SWIFT was created–note the year it came into existence–to offer its members a way to avoid to get caught up in money laundering. Which is exactly why our intelligence infrastructure needed to interact with it.

When government agencies are involved in continuing investigations that might infringe on Americans’ privacy, it is important that some outside entity is keeping track of what is going on. That principle is particularly true now, when the United States is trying to learn how to live in a perpetual war on terror.

Which is exactly what the American intelligence operations did in tandem with the Belgium-based (home of the fucking EU, for chrissakes!) bosses at SWIFT. They had outside auditors factored into the investigation’s equation, to make sure the Americans did not turn it into a fishing trip.

The NY Times knew this–admits to it in this editorial–and still didn’t give a shit about the ramifications outing this operation would create.

Interacting with SWIFT was a vital information source for the American government’s security apparatus to be working with, to track the transfer of funds between known or suspected Islamofascists by watching the banks and such that were members of SWIFT that wer suspected of abetting such actions. Painting this as an intrusion into any individual American’s privacy is a fucking farce, and if you don’t believe me, you just go try transferring ten thousand bucks from point “A” to “B” and watch as the IRS comes crashing down on your ass.

This was a political hit job, period; “public interest” was an excuse to fuck over the Bush Administration by painting them as an overreaching “Big Brother” operation, with no care in the world how they will be hampering the next American administration in fighting against these psychos who easily lopped off the heads of jackass Keller’s colleagues Berg and Perle.

By amping up to this degree their partisan “War against Bush’s War,” the NY Times has shown they will do anything in their power to block the current administration from achieving success.

And hey? If somebody blows the shit out of the NYC subway because they learned how to circumvent America’s security by reading the “Newspaper of Record” they’ve already got their answer drafted and tucked in Kessler’s fucking desk drawer excuse vault: “It’s all Bush’s Fault.”

Either way, the Pulitzers will rain down on their shoulders… and any blood that drenches the awards will easily be wiped off.

Put these fuckers in jail until they give up the leak.

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