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Riehl World Launches a Nuke at the Nutroots (now with fixed link goodness)

Aimed squarely at former zodiac spewing stock pimp [tag]Jerome Armstrong[/tag]’s head with devastating effect, Why The Netroots Movement Will Fail completely obliterates [tag]Kos[/tag]’s main man’s “progressive” bona fides, tracing his “growth” from just another schmuck willing to make shit up for a buck to the newly-minted Democrat Party’s “go-to” guy for harnessing the boots and bucks that exploiting net-based, BDS-driven [tag]Moonbats[/tag] offers up…
for a fee, of course.

The genesis for the [tag]Netroots[/tag] movement stems from a fixation on, first the stockmarket, then astrology, and it only found politics, probably, when it was barred from engaging in a previous financial fascination that ultimately led to real trouble with the SEC.

It’s definitely today’s Must Read, especially for the machers leading prez-wannabe [tag]Mark Warner[/tag]’s campaign team.

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