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Does This Mean Gore Will Finally Piss Off and Leave Us Alone?

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(Insert Previous Headline), Part 2

Okay, this is straight off the charts idiocy; even Chuckie Rangel’s gotta be rolling his eyes:
Joan Vennochi: A military draft might awaken us

Imagine if all our sons and daughters were at risk for deployment to the desert. Imagine if all our children faced the Al Qaeda-style butchery that took the lives of two American soldiers, Private First Class Thomas L. Tucker of Madras, Ore., and Private First Class Kristian Menchaca of Houston.

Hey, toots? Imagine if your ass were up for the draft when you cleared high school and you hadn’t managed to land at BU. Imagine if when you graduated in ’75 you had suddenly fallen under Uncle Sam’s eye, as I did when in ’78 I had to fill out the Selective Service registration, “just in case,” while chicks like you were given a total fucking pass.

A key difference between Iraq and Vietnam is the country’s ability to keep this war at a convenient distance. We can turn from the front page headlines of war, death, and destruction to sports and celebrity gossip; a click of the remote, and the face of a young soldier, now dead, fades to “Friends” reruns or “America’s Next Top Model.” The volunteer army ensures that someone else’s children are losing limbs and dying; someone else’s children are pushed to alleged acts of violence against Iraqi detainees and civilians. Even when the news from Iraq is so brutal it forces a momentary focus on war, quick relief is promised.

You haven’t gone to one soldier’s funeral; haven’t woken any morning since 9-11-01 thinking about burying some empty box representing a loved one; a friend who was still goddamned dead, have you?

This country is so easily diverted. People are angrier at illegal immigrants than what should really enrage them — involvement in a war we can’t end or win, depending on whose version of reality you rely upon.

No, bitch. People are enraged that, by hook or crook, people can cross our borders with impunity, and douchebags like you are too happy to let it occur.

Fuck you and your shit; I’ll let Jay Tea finish wiping up this piss.

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I’ll Never Figure Lefty Logic

It’s more entertaining than watching truthout(to lunch) spin a conspiracy web around their horseshit “Rove’s been indicted” reporting, entangling into an unholy cabal people who are providing more damning evidence that Leopold & Co. were either suckered, or just made the whole thing up and tossed any ethical considerations straight into the shitter in their pursuit of the Loony Left’s ultimate get: Darth Karl.

But this is far, far better: in his pissing match with TNR, Markos “Screw ’em” Moulitous played the JOOOO! card last night:

… the New Republic betrayed, once again, that it seeks to destroy the new people-powered movement for the sake of its Lieberman-worshipping neocon owners; that it stands with the National Review and wingnutoshpere in their opposition to grassroots Democrats.

There is something about all this Moonbat sturm und drang I can’t understand. It’s that, in both circumstances, some “facts” the aggrieved “reality-based” parties assert are just, well, bullshit. And fighting these battles with such ridiculous crap does them, and their cause, nothing but damage, yet they keep doing it (which by definition, is insane).

Leopold and Ash promised to out their source(s) if it turned out that Rove had not been indicted, as they claimed was a done deal with a “24 business hours” bowtie wrapped around the package they delivered to their readers. Instead, they are desperately spinning and denying as hard and fast as possible, when saying “we were conned” and laying it all out would be the easiest thing in the world to do instead of just digging the credibilty hole they’re sitting in deeper and deeper as each day goes by.

The “Kosola” crap is more confusing, but trying to hoist up the pole that he and “poor grad student” Jerome Armstrong don’t have a financial symbiosis going on is prima facie farcically fucking nuts. They’re joined at the hip, and I see no point in denying it.

Sure, politically and from what I’ve gleaned of the guy’s ego from reading his stuff, I think Kos is an absolute idiot cocksucker punkassed twerp of a fuck, but he’s also, pretty obviously (at least to me), no dumbassed, run of the mill Moonbat; instead, he’s the Pied Piper of that whacked out online tribe.

For all his blathering about having little to do with organizing “Yearly Kos,” there is a reason his name was on the marquee, and it wasn’t because he’s some kind of telegenic little fucker who knows how to modulate the message to spread it to the masses. Lamont didn’t put him in that campaign commercial to get out the “Mentos” vote. He’s built a cult of personality that he honed into an online vehicle for raising money and volunteers for any candidate he designates as worthy.

There is absolutely no shame in that; hell, he should be proud of the fact that, despite his “progressive” politics, he’s taken the basics of pure, unbridled free market capitalism to a level no one (off the top of my head) even comes close to matching in these here parts. I mean, fer chrissakes, he even diversified his business plan by building the sports sites–which other than frisbee or hackey sack I doubt many of his KosKiddies give a rat’s ass about–alongside the political shit…. It’s fucking brilliant!

So why does he keep denying he’s calling the shots, and Armstrong is part of his equation when he decides where he’s gonna point his gun? Whatever happened to that war with the DLC? Does that threat being dropped have nothing to do with Armstrong being firmly in Yearly Kos’s keynote speaker, bigtime party thrower, and DLC poster boy Mark Warner’s camp?

Don’t try selling me that crap, Kos. Look, just admit it: you got some juice and you’re not afraid to use it, whether personally or in tandem with your “progressive” cohorts acting as political consultants.

And if you and buddies like Jerome can make some scratch in the process, well, so what the hey! Ain’t that America?
Accept your inner Capitalist Pig!

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