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Archive for "Jun 17 2006"

“You Could Not Be More Hopelessly Wrong”*

[tag]Brainster[/tag] is one of my favorite guys out here, but I gotta say, this post of his is borderline asinine. His defense of a DC grand jury deciding not to smack Rep. [tag]Cynthia McKinney[/tag] in the mouth for being an arrogant lout just doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. I told him my basic disagreement in his comments, but I got a big mouth, and need to add a few things… and possibly go potty-mouth about it. (and I may be tempted to go ALL CAPS!)

We all agree, for example, that Congress cannot just pass a law changing the powers of the Presidency? Well then, how can we accept that the executive branch then can, without even passing a law, restrict access to Congress from lawfully elected members of that branch?

Of course Congress cannot just pass such a law. They can vote on it, and it can win enough votes to be approved and moved forward, but until the President signs it, it’s just a frickin’ wish. And they could overturn the veto, but at that point it would be far more likely that there would be impeachment hearings going on.

Nothing involved in this episode in any way “restricted” McKinney’s access to her office or Congress, and the Executive was well within its rights to change the manner Capitol Security officers performed their duties in light of post-9/11 realities… if anything actually changed. I don’t recall any member of Congress complaining about the security protocols in place before, or after, McKinney’s incident.

Yes, what McKinney is accused of doing is reprehensible, and certainly she should be held accountable for it in the court of public opinion. But at the same time it’s risky to say that a congresswoman should be prosecuted for trying to enter Congress and not getting recognized. This is one of those rare instances, like with presidential power, that we cannot pretend that everybody is equal.

BULLSHIT. Those last two sentences are abso-fucking-lutely BULLSHIT. If we can’t even “pretend” that “all men are created equal” then why the fuck are we bothering pretending that is the core value of America’s society? Getting elected as a rep for some shithole corner of any state doesn’t grant fucking peerage.

One of the points in Newt’s “Contract with America” was the Congress would have to abide by the laws they laid down that the rest of us were supposed to abide by. All McKinney had to do was pin a little tchotchke on her chest and she could have breezed through the security checkpoint, but the arrogant piece of shit couldn’t be bothered to do that simple thing because she thought she actually owned that fucking “peer of the realm” right to ignore what the rabble needed to endure to assure HER OWN ASS didn’t get blowed the fuck up. Like Hastert and Pelosi going bonkers about the raid on “Ice Box” Jefferson’s offices, they think the rules do not apply to them, that they are above regular schmucks like us.


(*=stolen from Curtis Sliwa)

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