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Archive for "Jun 16 2006"

Moonbats: When All Else Fails, “Crucify the Irreverent, Educated, Anti-Our Side Bullshit Spewing Closeted Homo JOOO!”

Jeez o’ jeezy jeez… I know it’s been a bad week or so for you all, but c’mon!

Via The Commissar, we get turned on to an insane diatribe against my favorite paste-eating Hebe, commonly known in the ‘sphere as Goldstein.

To say that certain sections of the web-based Loony Left community are totally obssesed with denigrating Goldstein is understatement to a nose-bleed inducing degree. But this self identified “Retardo” guy just amps up the volume to eleven and makes himself sound like a gibbering idiot. One of my favorite bits, which comes early in Retardo’s rant, is this:

The irony of course is that if Goldstein were really so tough and so confident of his pro-war righteousness as all his rhetoric insists, he’d be in Iraq. But then he, like all chickenhawks, regards such moral logic as unreasonable and impossible. Actually, the very idea of 101st Keyboarders putting, so to speak, their money where their mouth is, is liable to make them terrified to the point of incontinence.

Hey, scumbag? Morality has jack shit nothing to do with logic. Morality means doing something even if it will cost you more than you can afford, because your belief in what is right might fly in the face of “facts.”

Here’s a deal: Put your “reality based community” crew’s tax returns where your A-hole with teeth bleats. Take an accounting of the “101st Fighting Keyboardists” dollar donations to soldiers’ concerns, and compare it to any similar list of Kossaks/DU Zoo donations that you can come up with, and I’d bet my fucking house you dudes would lose, “asshole… big time.”

You say “put your money where your mouth is” right? Buck up, you dumb little fuck. Or at least proffer your real name, ’cause as Goldstein has stated (maybe not in these same words), “Anonymity is The Land of COCKsucking Punk Fucks.”

I have scraped splotches of dog doo off my shoes worthier than a piece of poo like you. But spitting on your brand of shit is all sorts of fucking fun.

Now go crawl back up Atrios’s ass.

Is the Loony Left’s Wallet About to Get Zipped?

The NY Post: Vive Les Froggies!

Three cheers for France!

No, that’s not a misprint. We really, really mean it.

And hell hasn’t frozen over, either.

But news that [tag]France[/tag]’s highest court has upheld the insider-trading conviction of hedge-fund gazillionaire – and hard-left enabler – [tag]George Soros[/tag] surely should bring a smile to the face of anyone who believes in poetic justice.

The facts are clear: Soros was approached with an offer to join an investment group looking to take over Froggy bank [tag]Societe Generale SA[/tag]; he declined, immediately bought $50 million worth of the joint’s stock, and made a boatload of bucks as a result of the ultimately failed raid driving the share price up. A textbook “insider trading” case. His defense, that the knowledge of the impending take over attempt didn’t really lead to his taking such a large stake, and couldn’t be considered “confidential information,” is fucking farcical. Even the Frogs weren’t dumb enough to buy it.

Most people never heard of Soros until he started flinging money around the American political landscape, funding lefty/moonbat groups like [tag][/tag], [tag]America Coming Together[/tag], the [tag]Center for American Progress[/tag] (and CAP’s bastard child, [tag]Media Matters for America[/tag]). He’s more than likely a member of the group of deep-pocketed liberals who help to keep Air America Idiot afloat in the face of their disasterous performance in the marketplace. All told he’s said to have invested something on the order of $24-5 million trying to stop President George W. Bush’s re-election in 2004… a pretty shitty ROI, I’d say.

Before all that, though, Soros was well known to anyone involved in the financial markets; currency traders learned to heed the Mad Hungarian, and any country with a shaky economy learned to fear him. In 1992 he decided Britain’s pound sterling was ripe for picking, shorted the shit out of it (to the tune of $15-18 billion) and broke the Bank of England. Following that he set his sights on the (pre-China takeover) Hong Kong dollar, and in 1997, for what was considered partly political reasons, fucked over the Malasian economy during the broader East Asian financial crisis.

When trading in cash, Soros always wanted a crash.

George Soros used creating economic chaos as a means to get rich beyond most people’s wildest imagination. He wreaked havoc on numerous countries’ financial underpinnings–and therefore their citizens–on a scale that makes anything his paid for political pitbulls’ favorite targets of “corporate greed” accusations could ever possibly dream achieving.

The [tag]moonbats[/tag] he funds never gave a rat’s ass where the Soros money came from, as long as he was giving them some. Now, facing a 3 billion dollar hit, I’d figure that they’ll be seeing less of that shit. If they don’t manage to turn the money he’s been funneling into recapturing at least one side of the Capitol come November, I’d pretty much guarantee it. Soros may be crazy, but he ain’t dumb; an invester like him–facing a loss of nearly a third of his equity–knows when to “cut and run.”

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