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Archive for "Jun 12 2006"

More Fingerboard Follies

It’s kinda funny that, for a basically straight off the shelf liberal, Mark Hanley, Editorial Page editor at the [tag]Staten Island Advance[/tag] Retreat, has no problem wearing a whiff o’ fascist to explain things he thinks are right, even when they are patently, absurdly hypocritical:

Late last week, the 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals blocked the city from enforcing part of an anti-graffiti law that prevented people between the ages of 18 and 21 from buying spray paint and broad-tipped markers….

We are of the opinion that Judge George B. Daniels’ ruling borders on the ridiculous.

Judge Daniels, who temporarily ordered an end to enforcement of the ban on sales to 18- to 21-year-olds, said in his ruling that there was no “rational basis” to target them more than other adults.

Where does Judge Daniels live, that his community has not seen the tags of teens and young adults? Does he really believe that 30-year-olds are purchasing spray paint and deliberately marking buildings?

No, it is the young of our city who feel a need to engage in this type of vandalism. As any law enforcement member would have explained to the judge, targeting anyone but those of a certain age group would be a waste of time.

Lemme get this straight: the only citizens who need to be kept away from felt markers and cans of spray paint are anyone–at all–between the ages of 18 and 21, because that age group contains the people most inclined to scribbling on walls and subway cars. That’s the idea, right? The fact that some members of that group have done it means they all have to be considered suspects in the fight against graffiti.

If you asked those same law enforcement officials what group should be targeted when it comes to, say, stopping scumbags inclined towards blowing people up after screaming “Allah Akhbar!”… say, young men from certain countries or whose religion is a specific flavor, this same bloviating numbnut would pop a vein howling “profiling.”

But 18 to 21 year olds? That’s easy… as a group, they are all guilty as sin, whether there is a lick of evidence to back the charge up. The people who filed suit against the city–a bunch of young artists who could be arrested for just possessing markers or spray paint…well, they are just kids.

Like the ones in Toronto.

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Yo, EU? Screw You!

Now It’s Europe vs. Apple:

The worldwide success of Apple Computer’s digital media platform — the iPod portable music and video player, and the iTunes Music Store — is starting to catch the critical eye of consumer advocates and regulators in several European countries.

Following their constant bitching about Microsoft’s domination on desktops, now the EU apparatchik class are setting their sights on The Mothership. In the interest of “interoperability,” they want Apple to crack open their DRM software so people who purchase songs from the iTunes store can load it onto devices other than iPods… which they already can, you fucking morons. You burn it to a CD, then rip it as an MP3 to whatever portable player you happen to have on hand. You then go on your merry way and have the CD as a backup copy of your tunes. How bloody hard is that?

This whole “interoperabilty” riff is bullshit:

But where to draw the logical line? That’s the question that Michael Gartenberg, analyst with Jupiter Research in New York, raises. “At what point are you going legislate compatibility? I can go out and buy video games that work on my Xbox 360. But should there be a law that says the same game should work on my Playstation 2? And how about computer software? Should there be a law that says the software I buy that runs on Microsoft’s (MSFT) Windows should also run on Apple’s Macintosh? At a certain point, this line becomes extremely blurry,” Gartenberg notes.

Actually, dude, for quite some time running Windows on a Mac was no big whoop; Apple’s switch to Intel chips makes it even easier.

Like with Microsoft, to me this is another example of the EU fools trying to mess with an American tech company solely because they got no homegrown horses in the software sweeps that can compete. I have four Macs and three Wintel boxes, and not one of the suckers has a commercial app installed that is produced by an EU-based firm. It’s gotta gall them to no end that when they sit at their desks and fire up their PCs, they are forced to use American-born technology.

Since they can’t create anything worth a shit, they need to co-opt it.

here’s a previous scream on this scheme

Today’s HERO! – Jack the Cat

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