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Two Sides; Same Coin: Murtha and McCain

So now it seems Rep. [tag]John Murtha[/tag], erstwhile Democrat “hawk” who is the MSM go-to guy for “Get Out of Iraq NOW!” quotes, has decided to try cashing in his new, media inspired national profile for a seat in the front row, after a career as a nondescript legislator from Jerkwater, PA.

“If we prevail as I hope and know we will and return to the majority this next Congress, I have decided to run for the open seat of the majority leader,” Murtha, a Pennsylvanian, said in a letter sent to House Democrats.

Jeez, there’s enough arrogance in that statement to give The Donald pause. First, the “return to the majority” bit. Like many [tag]Democrats[/tag], Murtha believes the majority on Capitol Hill is a Democrat Party birthright; that his party’s current minority status is akin to Cromwell’s overthow of the English monarchy, and if come November the situation changes, it’ll be like an American Restoration.

The word is “regain,” Fat Boy.

The next bit of arrogance is his announcement that, if upon achieving the majority in the House come November, the position of Majority Leader will be an “open seat” that needs filling as Nancy (Eyeballs) [tag]Pelosi[/tag]–Murtha’s “cut and run” ally–rises to Speaker of the House. (personal note: I don’t believe she’d get the gig if the Dems do manage to take control of the House in November, but that’s for another day’s bloviating.)

Current Dem House Whip [tag]Steny Hoyer[/tag], whom one would expect would ascend to Majority Leader if the Dems regained control of the House and Pelosi rose to Speaker, is not amused by Murtha’s “cart before the horse” manuever, but maintains formal public propriety:

Mr. Hoyer has worked extraordinarily hard to unify the caucus and take back the House for Democrats and that is his first focus. As a result of that unity he is confident that we will be successful in November and intends to run for Majority Leader. He believes his work as whip, caucus chair, and with the DCCC has earned the support of the overwhelming majority of House Democrats.

This nameless Dem don’t speak politesse:

Adds a senior Democratic aide: “A lot of members are very angry that Jack Murtha has decided to blow up the caucus and declare a leadership race when we are the most unified we’ve been in years. We’re really focused on taking back the house and should not be distracted with a leadership race. It’s going to be a huge diversion.”

Like Sen. [tag]John McCain[/tag], Murtha, to me, is an MSM creation who gets far too much face time. They say what television producers and newspaper editors like to hear. Their status as Vietnam era vets somehow innoculates them from anyone questioning their motives. And their motives have little to do with what’s best for their parties–or this country, for that matter–but has everything to do with their own agendas.

Murtha is always introduced as a “former hawk;” a decorated Marine who has had some sort of goddamned epiphany, after originally voting to attack Iraq. He’s already declared the soldiers involved in what has been labeled the [tag]Haditha[/tag] massacre to be a pack of “cold-blooded murderers.”

Forget about due process; ignore that the investigation has not been completed. “Former Marine” Murtha has declared them all guilty, and is using it to further bolster his “cut and run” argument. But recently, after the original MSM hysterics and branding of the incident “Iraq’s My Lai,” people are starting to, piece by piece, pick that story apart. It may end up the [tag]”Haditha Massacre”[/tag] makes Rathergate’s attempted election year smear look like a schoolyard prank in comparison. And Murtha will be neck-deep in it.

But don’t you question his patriotism!
Bullshit. I’ll question it as much as I question McCain’s.

John McCain makes me wanna puke. I’m well aware of McCain’s time in a tiger cage, but his actions as a member of John Kerry’s vile, self-serving Senate Select Committee on P.O.W./ M.I.A. Affairs whitewash job concerning the status of missing P.O.Ws, and McCain’s continued zeal to block the release of documents pertaining to unaccounted for P.O.W./M.I.A. members of the American military, are seared–“seared, I’m tellin’ you!”–into my memory.

But don’t you dare question his patriotism!

I also remember him being the only Republican member of The Keating Five. In his attempt at penance for getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar, McCain decided to make “campaign finance reform” his personal mission for saving America’s political life and foisted the First Amendment shredding McCain-Feingold (aka: “You Just Shut the Fuck Up!”) Constitutional travesty first on assembled citizens, and wants to expand this think tank-funded bullshit to include–especially those pesky “bloggers”–any and every politically inclined individual.

And First Amendment be damned, this piece of shit is proud of it!

McCain’s been playing this game longer; Murtha’s just now shown his cards.
But don’t you dare question their patriotism!
They can both burn in Hell for all I care.

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