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Archive for "Jun 08 2006"

al-Zarqawi Swims with the Fishes

Scumbag Number One turned into a splat on the map.

More here, and it’ll be living at the top of the page here longer than yesterday’s Coulter bullshit.

I hope his head is intact; I want to see some Marine holding it up and saying “Hey, Hadjis? ‘Allah Ackbar!’ this!”

Because the predictable “reality-based” dumbfuckers are gonna need proof.

Time for the Happy Dance!

UPDATE: The Puppy Blender, in his roundup of reaction to what no one in their right mind could consider to be anything other than Good News, notes that some MSM outlets, even after telling their viewers that al-Scumbag is dead, still can’t get off their “beat Bush with a stick” schtick:

It’s transparent stuff like this, of course, that gets them accused of spinning war news to make things look worse than they are, and to hurt Bush. Because, you know, that’s what they do, every day. It’s just more noticeable at times like this.

UPDATE 2: Dan at Riehl World View is shredding the AP and MSM Haditha coverage, showing how they toss responsible reporting under the bus when they have an agenda that can crucify US:

Twenty-seven and a half million Google hits for Haditha – and not one of them the truth thanks to a MSM that can’t wait to tell a horrible story we don’t yet know is true.

read it here

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The Darth Boss George Brigade

Tell me again how they BOUGHT success, looking at the last game’s starters:
1B: FARMHAND (mattingly’s project)

LF: FARMHAND (got Melk?)
RF: FARMHAND (Burn, Bernie!)
Catch: FARMHAND (“call me Georgie”)
Pitch: FARMHAND (trans: “Staten Island was a gas.. pizza!”)


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The Bloggy “Right”- We Will Eat Our Own, Thank You Very Much… “Viva, Kos Vegas!”

Yeah, right, so [tag]Ann Coulter[/tag] said what a lot of people were thinking, but did it in a particularly nasty way.

Who cares? A lot of wannabe Big Time “New Media” voices (Sister Toldjah » What he said (WED PM UPDATE & BUMP)) are getting beside themselves to denounce Coulter. I think she’s a smart, sharp, flame-throwing, horsefaced, major league bitch on wheels, so the fact she’s managed to make such a stink on the day her book is released tells me “smart” TRUMPS ALL ELSE.

Really. The Moonbats hate her… she could read the weather and she’d be accused of riffing talking points. But all these “right leaning” websites so quick to denounce her for doing the same old schtick she’s been doing for years?

They are idiots. In many of the post and comment threads I’ve read concerning this crap, many a scribbler has said “WE can’t condone such callous (yadda, yadda, yadda)….” Many have agreed with her point: that the “Jersey Girls” are milking their victimhood to be given a far beyond their intellectual paygrade standing to comment on anything other than the weather. “…but then she went too far….”

Who elected you bastards the arbiters of proper discourse?

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