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Archive for "Jun 06 2006"

Zsa Zsa is a Preening Bitch

Christ on crutches, I’ve heard of “preaching to the choir,” but this aggrandizing bitch–who showed in the Clooney folderol doesn’t know the difference between a “post” and a fucking blog website–is so out of whack with reality, caught up in her little bubble of a “fucked-to-hell” Iraqi Moonbat Echoverse (that needs constant feeding and tendering… like an underperforming, pathetic shrub), that an armless paraplegic sitting in a busted wheelchair has a firmer touch on reality, as opposed to opportunistic dreaming:
[tag]Arianna Huffington[/tag]: What [tag]Haditha[/tag] Means to Our Safety — and the 2006 Election

It means the killings in Haditha — like Abu Ghraib, like Bagram, like Guantanamo, like all the everyday, unheralded horrors perpetrated on innocent Iraqi civilians — have made America less safe.

I’ll make a bet here: Zsa Zsa attended Absolute Zero 9-11-01 funerals, or memorials where families were dealing in loss. She only–if any–went to cocktail events where everything was blamed on Bush.

“Hey, Zsa Zsa? I’m currently more worried about the cholos down the block than some Hadji fucker messing with me. You say we’re “less safe”… as compared to where, London? Madrid? Bali? Toronto?

Iraq is producing a bumper crop of newly galvanized and battle-hardened terrorists, and every Haditha is a nightmarish sprinkling of Miracle-Gro on the seething anti-Americanism the war has exacerbated. “America is forcing us to go and join the resistance,” said Ahmed Hussein, a relative of one of the victims of yet another attack by U.S. forces being challenged by the Iraqi government.

Actually, Haditha is probably a blood money hunt your cohort hass blown out of proportion for political gain.

“Yo, Zsa Zsa? Ask that “Iraqi government” what would happen if the US forces were to withdraw, with those “battle hardened” (def: hide behind civilians) Hadjis hanging in their alleys. At this point, in my eyes, we’re playing referee in a schoolyard brawl where, for all the right reasons, two guys (Shias; Kurds) are asking why this one guy (Sunnis) hasn’t had his head knocked off yet, and we’re saying, “because I say so,” so back the fuck off, you preening bitch.”

You hear Sistani calling for calm… who’s the Sunni equivalent? Does the cocksucker live in Tehran, or Cindy Sheehan’s rotting undies? If Ayatollah Sistani says, “Go,” it is all over. The “insurrection” is dead and done in under five days, buried under a mountain of Sunni corpses. And, according to her rules, we’d be obliged to just stand by and let his crew do what they already desperately want to do.

“The truth of the matter,” Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf said after the first Gulf War, “is that you always know the right thing to do. The hard part is doing it.”

Clearly, this applies to the Democratic leadership as well as our soldiers. The Dems seem to be having a hard time grasping that the right thing — the obvious thing — is for them to unabashedly say, “We are the party that will bring the troops home.” A move that will keep us all safer.

This is the issue that nationalizes the 2006 races. It’s the right stance strategically (as Jack Murtha has been saying for months). It’s the right stance morally. And it’s also the right stance politically.

First, let me state: I couldn’t give a fuck if Jack Murtha had pulled me out of a burning car, as far as his Marine tour is concerned, he’s no “Hero” or even “distinguished” vet; he is a piece of shit that you have just stated is working a political objective. I knnow junkie’s with more honor.

The “right” thing to do is take a couple of cities off the map and say, “Who wants Nexties?”

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Crackhead Alert!

Who stole this asshat’s meds?

Curt Schilling believes Joe Torre is a Manager of the Year candidate for coordinating the walk-in clinic that the Yankee clubhouse has become. Yet the Boston ace threw in one caveat yesterday: The Red Sox are pretty banged-up, too.

“We’re in the same boat,” Schilling said before the Yankees’ 13-5 victory last night. “We might not have as many people on the disabled list, but we’re just as beat up as anybody – if not more so – than anybody in the big leagues.

“We’re not on the level of the Yankees as far as the amount of significant injuries, but we’re almost doing the same thing. You look at their bullpen and what they’re doing to get to Mo (Rivera), and you look at (Boston rookie relievers Manny) Delcarmen and (Jermaine) Van Buren, these kids coming up from Triple A are throwing big innings.”

No, numbnuts. You would need to lose Manny and, say, Trot Nixon for the foreseeable future before you were even close to the Yankee’s “boat.”

And what’s up with this “sucking up to Torre” schtick? Is his contract up after this season and he wants to follow Cleaned Up Caveman?


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A Bad Idea

Let’s see what happens when you allow RSN wahoos to come out from under the commenting rock and give them posting rights at a thing called:

The Darth Boss George Brigade…

Right off the bat, you find Ric know JACK about sizing photos to fit the layout.

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