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Archive for "May 28 2006"

What Makes the Interweb Fun

Sometimes I miss the good old days, when having a 56K modem made you a hotshot and beating the crap out of some pathetic fucker in a USENET newsgroup was a noble bit of sport.

Then you see this kind of shit: Dean’s World – Robert Spencer, King Of The Hill!

Where we have two (or three, or..who knows how many have climbed on this monkey tree by now) allegedly coherent guys start flinging poo at each other.

I truly don’t give a shit about whatever the fuck they are arguing about.

But I have placed my Godwin Bet with the proper authorities.

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Sometimes, He’s Not the Benificent “Steve” …

and needs a healthy and swift kick in the balls to remind him just who the fuck is in charge of the game we call “Riding the Macintosh Stock”: | 05/27/2006 | Apple loses case against bloggers


When You’re Bored, NOTHING is Stupid

Well, there were a half dozen drunk fucks in the backyard, and the monster’s seem ready to eat ’em; people I don’t even know who the fuck they are shacked in the spare bedrooms. Wife’s asleep on the living room couch and BootzDog seems to be royally pissed at me.

I was not a happy boy. So what does one do?
One says, “I need to hear really loud guitars.”
And started kicking the drunks awake, since I knew at least two could find a G chord in their sleep.

And then it hit me: “I didn’t invite a drummer. FUCK! I gotta sit on the kit.”

I think it had something to do with kick-starting the Heil and then jacking up all the amps. We didn’t need them, but Me, being Me, said “Fuck it; crank ’em all.” The Heil by itself can shake a house down; addding the six Fender cabinets was just ….


This weekend’s gonna end in an arrest.

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