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Archive for "May 19 2006"

Danny Almonte Update

Well, well, well… looks like the circle is almost complete:

NY Daily News: Glove-struck

Little League scandal star [tag]Danny Almonte[/tag] is really grown-up now – he’s secretly married to a 30-year-old woman.

The 19-year-old pitcher, who hasn’t even graduated from high school yet, reluctantly confirmed yesterday that he tied the knot with cradle-robbing Rosy Perdomo months ago.

Theirs is a marriage you just know is FARK bait in waiting:

She said she’s known Almonte since his infamous Little League days.

“He always used to tell me things and I was like, ‘You’re a minor . . . we’d get in trouble,” the pretty, freckle-faced bride said with a smile from a couch in the Bronx apartment she shares with Almonte.

“I really waited for the right person to come along,” she explained, “so I wasn’t going to just fool around, especially not with someone younger than me.”

Back when I first wrote about this kid, I said his life had all the earmarks of a train wreck waiting to happen. Of course, I was looking his father as the culprit, because he was ignoring the kid’s education in pursuit of that big buck signing deal that was obviously in the kid’s future. Since Danny’s nineteen and still in high school, it seems I got that one right. But the end of this article is the real kicker:

Almonte also has a full scholarship waiting for him at New Mexico Junior College in Hobbs in case he doesn’t get drafted.

His coach, Mike Turo, said U.S. citizenship is a requirement for the scholarship and that Almonte was planning to get a Social Security card this week.

This junior college offered him a full ride, even though they had to know he wasn’t a U.S. citizen and hasn’t managed to clear high school by the age of nineteen? And Coach Turo seems to be of the mind that getting Danny a Social Security card isn’t that big a deal, that he’s gonna stop in somewhere and score his card like he’s picking up a new pair of spikes?

I’m even more sure Danny is doomed. Every adult surrounding this kid doesn’t see a person; they see an ATM.

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