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Archive for "May 19 2006"

Tman? You RSN SOB!

MLK Must Be Spinning in his Grave

I have a dream that my four children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character. I have a dream today.

Sorry, Marty, but today that don’t fly in NY:

The parents of Ada Carr of Rosebank have until Tuesday to decide whether their 5-year-old daughter is white or black.

If they don’t choose, they’ve been told they would not get complete reports on the biracial girl’s performance in kindergarten, and Ada would be assigned a racial category by Principal Mark Gray of PS 13, according to a letter recently sent home from the Rosebank school.

The state educrats blame “No Child Left Behind” guidelines; the Feds say the state’s full of shit, and does a good job of proofing it. The principal who sent the letter ain’t saying nothing at all.

And what does Ada have to say when someone asks this kindergarten kid, when offered the options, whether she considers herself to be… what are you, honey?

She says “Beautiful.”

Yes you are, sweetie; smart too, for not playing this silly game. I hope your Mommy and Daddy teach these “education” bureaucrats a thing or two with baseball bats masquerading as lawyers, and learn ’em a real good lesson in what happens when you are stupendously dumb.
read it all here.

(image blatantly ripped from the Retreat’s website)

“Mao = Mo = Jesus” Equals Another Entertaining Episode of PC Idiocy

is discovered on this Kiwi campus:

A mob of angry Chinese students protested at Massey University yesterday after [tag]Chairman Mao[/tag] was lampooned on the cover of the student newspaper.

Students likened the cover of Chaff, which this week satirises women’s magazine Cosmopolitan, to the anti-Muslim cartoons circulated around the world in February.

The issue in question features Mao photoshopped into a fetching white dress (with an accompanying headline: “Chairman Mee-ow!”). It elicited the shirt rending, PC-induced agony I expect the newspaper’s editors were looking for:

UCOL student Xing Tang said Chaff staff are ignorant of Chinese culture.

“Chairman Mao is like Jesus to us,” he said on the verge of tears.

Awww…. I’m sorry, little Commie. You should have come here; Mao would never be treated that way on a US campus; he’s considered just as sacred as Che (but Jesus is fair game).

I liked the explanation the college rag’s editors gave for targeting “Great Leader” for mockery, and the subsequent umbrage:

“We were looking for a picture of Marx or Lenin and we couldn’t use Castro because he had a beard and it just didn’t work….” Mr Valath said students are “enraged for the sake of being enraged”


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