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Archive for "May 18 2006"

Illegals: “Hard Working” Disease Machines?

If the mexito bussing the tables at your favorite restaurant seems to have a bit of a cough, run like hell.
Say Anything: Mexican Border Plague?

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Captain Ed Busts a Cap in John Conyers’ Ass

In today’s WaPo, an op-ed by Rep. John Conyers tries to make the case that, if the Dems gain the majority in the House come November, his first order of business upon asssuming the chairmanship of the House Judiciary Committee will not be to start up impeachment hearings against President Bush. He claims he’ll do nothing of the sort, but instead will empanel a select, bipartisan committee to investigate some laundry list of alleged “abuses” tucked in his pocket with “BUSH LIED” penciled in at the top.

Captain Ed isn’t buying Conyers’ brand of snake oil:

Apparently Nancy Pelosi has tasked Conyers with the unenviable mission of unringing a bell, and Conyers has no compunction against painting Republicans as paranoid by telling people he really isn’t out to get Bush. However, Conyers has a track record he can’t hide — although he’s attempted to do so, as you’ll see — and that track record shows that Conyers lied in his article today.

As Captain Ed points out, Conyers held a nutty, mock “hearing” precisely aimed at impeaching the President less than a year ago. Worse, Conyers seems to think penning this screed will make people believe he’s suddenly changed his stripes, going as far as attempting to whitewash his own continuous tub thumping to achieve his impeachment dream from his website:

Even with this through-the-looking-glass moment on his record, Conyers wants us to believe that he has no intention of pursuing impeachment and that the meanie Republicans are smearing him. However, up until last week Conyers’ own web site encouraged visitors to demand investigations into the Bush administration and to “Make Recommendations Regarding Grounds for Possible Impeachment if Warranted”. Since May 13th — just five days ago — this appears to have been altered. This page shows Conyers’ current plea, which asks visitors to sign a pledge only for investigations into abuses of power. This Google cache, which I’ve copied to my own site to ensure its retention, shows Conyers’ aim for impeachment.

Releasing that op-ed and altering your website, expecting it to slide down the memory hole, doesn’t work anymore, Johnny. No one’s gonna buy the idea that something you’ve been lusting after this long has suddenly fallen off your “To-Do” list, no matter what you’re saying today.

UPDATE: Sister Toldjah and Gateway Pundit are also taking shots at Conyers’ lieing ass.

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