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Archive for "May 16 2006"

Watching Poli Act Like a Roaring Ass

If you care about such things, you probably read about the Monday Night Massacre over at [tag]Polipundit[/tag] (memeorandum roundup), with [tag]Lorie Byrd[/tag] and other guest bloggers kicked to the street. It is kinda sad, since the site was a place where the gathering of different voices made for interesting reading, but then, it is Poli’s joint, and if you ask me, he can set any rules he damn well pleases as long as he owns the keys… I mean, I say something similar in the top right corner of this page, so I guess I can’t come down on the guy for making his guests toe his freshly drawn line as far as this whole immigration thing goes (Poli hatesss it, preciouosss!)

But then the fucking idiot tried defending himself and his “my way or the highway” ultimatum, and said something that just flies in the face of reason and made me believe he’d gone teetering toward moonbatthood:

The blog has focused on various issues, but one issue on which I cannot give in to the elites is illegal immigration.

Emphasis mine.
By “give in to the elites,” Poli’s talking about his former guest bloggers; any other interpretation falls flat. Since they don’t agree with him they are–under his tin foil cap–perceived as attacking him, and must have their asses resisted right out the fucking door, baby!

Making a rather crude attempt at tarring his newfound enemies as somehow “elitist” freaks, thereby casting himself as the single, proletarian voice must speak with when it comes to immigration, is meant as an insult, but that kinda shit would find easy breezing slipping from Fidel Castro or Hugo Chavez’s crackpot Commie lips, just as quick as it’s the standard KosKidz or DUmmies schtick if someone strays from the approved talking points (see: Lieberman, Joe).

That riff told me he’s become a jerkoff–with a healthy dose of the paranoid thrown into his mental mix–but then he takes it a huge leap further, and tries to analogize his decision to boot the others and jumps head first into Moonbat Land:

Suppose three out of four columnists at the Old York Times were pro-Republican. You can bet publisher “Pinch” Sulzberger would do something about that right quick.

Suppose a Bush administration official came out openly against amnesty. The Bushies would show him the door.

Look, Poli, you can’t complain about “the elites” conspiring against you, and at the same damn time compare yourself and your website to the current White House administration and the NY Times, and not convince me you’re nothing but a horse’s ass with megolmaniacal levels of grandeur dancing about in your two-bits worth of brain matter… NZ Bear’s rankings may make think you otherwise, but you’re just some punk with a blog, asshole.

And from judging by the comments following that sad attempt at an explanation, Poli, it looks like those evil elitists are taking a boatload of your reader traffic (and so advert income) out the door with them. I’d imagine the inbound links will take a similar hit in the days ahead. “Helluva job, Poli!”

Wait, I guess you ARE like “Pinch,” Poli; you’re willing to drive readers away by blowing your joint up just to follow your own, stupid, single song agenda.

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