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Archive for "May 12 2006"

McMahon’s Anti-NASCAR Cave-in: Councilman’s Total Lack of Balls the Cause; Public STILL Hasn’t Had a Word in Edgewise, and the Fingerboard Follies are Fucking Idiots

(Random Surfer Warning: This is way long, and totally local)

Anyone paying attention knew that [tag]Staten Island[/tag] (North Shore) City Councilman–my guy in that hellhole–[tag]Mike McMahon[/tag] was never gonna back [tag]International Speedway Corp.[/tag] (ISC) in their plan for a [tag]NASCAR[/tag] track on Staten Island, no matter how viable a plan they may ever present. He’s term limited in his current post and, in my eyes, has his eyes on Borough Hall. As the only elected Dem on The Rock with Islandwide name recognition, he’s the odds-on favorite to get the party’s nod to run for Borough President next time out; he isn’t about to screw that up by backing the 80,000 seat racetrack, whose proposed construction has created a shitstorm, with the first public hearing turning into a near riot.

There was, however, the notion that McMahon was willing to at least hear ISC out before formally announcing his opposition. That notion came straight from McMahon. Following the fiasco in Sunnyside, mid-Island Councilman [tag]James Oddo[/tag], who previously had said he was “skeptical” of the NASCAR plan, announced his opposition to the track, joining already announced ant-NASCAR South Shore Councilman [tag]Andrew Lanza[/tag]. (In the Oddoverse, “skeptical” meant “I need an excuse,” and he proceeded to supply himself with one by joining his fellow “Farrell/Fordham” frat member Lanza in blowing the hearing up by baiting the pro-track contingent into flipping their collective wigs, then blamed it all on ISC and swore death upon the plan.)

McMahon sustained his “way till the facts are in” position on his decision.

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