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How to Lose a Majority in 48 Hours

In this previous post I marveled at the notion the [tag]Democrats[/tag] seemingly are ready to blow a chance to recapture the majority on Capitol Hill because of their fear of the Moonbats that make up much of the Democrat Party’s “netroots” base.

Well, the [tag]Republicans[/tag] have a different problem: An important part of their base looks at the Party leadership and considers them to be worse than [tag]Moonbats[/tag]; they’re arrogant bastards who think they can do whatever they want. They are operating under the proposal that, come election time, yelling “the Democrats have no ideas except pull out of Iraq! SPEAKER PELOSI!” is gonna return them to power.

I think that tact is actually gonna cost them their majority come November if they don’t get a clue, fast. While BDS will assure the Democrats that their base will turn out at the polls come election time, the Repubs are setting up a situation where many will say “fuck ALL you clowns,” and just stay home; it’s how I’m currently inclined. Majorities come and go; principles don’t.

Three stories currently percolating lead me to this conclusion. Leading the list are the two ways the Republican administration seems to be going out of their way to piss of conservatives I noted in the previous post: spending and national security. Mark Tapscott has a good overview of how the Republicans are preparing to enrage fiscal conservatives, by acting as if they can do what they wish with impunity to the blowback (because they’ve gerrymandered themselves into safe seats), by dressing up a backroom deal as “across the board” cuts that protects the pork the Senate larded onto the President’s supplemental spending bill.

And then there is the positively treasonous insanity going on down [tag]Mexico[/tag] way. As John Hawkins at Right Wing News said about the reprehensible conduct the [tag]Border Patrol[/tag] is using to undermine the [tag]Minutemen[/tag] patrolling the Mexican border:

This is nothing less than a deliberate attempt on the part of the federal government to undermine our nation’s immigration laws and leave our border unsecured. For all we know, a terrorist carrying a suitcase nuke may have been allowed to walk into our country because our own government doesn’t want the Minutemen to interfere with the free flow of illegal aliens into this country.

Not only should Congress demand that the Border Patrol stop working with the Mexican government to circumvent our laws, they should launch an investigation in order to find out who signed off on this unconscionable outrage.

Finally, there’s this bit of bullshit that has a bunch of the lefty blogs in a tizzy. I think this idiot HUD secretary was shooting his mouth off; but whether he actually killed a contract or was just dishing a bravado riff to show how “powerful” he is, his ass has to be shown the door.

Put all three together and what do you get? An administration and Congressional leadership seemingly out of control and impervious to the constituencies that put them in their places of power. They think they can do whatever they want; hire incompetent idiots (Tenent, “Brownie,” and now this HUD clown) to run the governmental machinery who, clockwork-like, all seem to crash and burn, and people will still vote for them, just because they are not Dems.

You’re wrong, assholes. If you don’t immediately fix this shit, your majorities in the House and Senate are toast.

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