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Archive for "May 09 2006"

Richard Cohen Meets the Base Moonbats

Austin Bay Blog » Richard Cohen Discovers The KosKidz

The American left is where the American far right was in the 1950s– besotted with anger, boiling in conspiracy theories. There is a difference, however. “Opinion leaders” like Cohen have let the hard left take a large bite out of their own liberal “mainstream.” Cohen has just now discovered it, because his email box got jammed with garbage. It is a step toward enlightenment, however hesitant a step.

It’s funny that when it seems the Republican Party is screwing up in every way possible, practically begging to lose control of at least one piece of the Congressional pie by pissing off their own base through profligate spending and refusing to deal seriously with the country’s southern border crisis, the Dems are beholden to the “netroots” lunatic fringe, who go bonkers over some second-tier comedian bombing at a circle jerk Beltway banquet. And these whackjobs–as Cohen has learned–are ready to savage anyone from their own side of the political aisle that doesn’t toe the line in lockstep with their designs for “crashing the gates” of BushitlerBurtonCo and returning to the majority on Capitol Hill.

It makes you believe all the “Rovian plot” nonsense, because it’s just so ludicrous for any Democrat to think having those clowns backing them will do anything other than drive “undecided/middle of the road” voters into the other sides’ arms.

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Bauer: Jack Deserves a Break Today

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