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Archive for "May 08 2006"

CG Guys SGI About to Go Bye-Bye?

I thought these guys had closed shop years ago: – Silicon Graphics Files For Chapter 11 Protection

And maybe it’s just me feeling some MacDaddy glee, but I just gotta believe His Jobsness had a hand in driving this outfit into bankruptcy.

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Phony Beatlemania Has Bitten the Dust

[tag]Apple Computer[/tag] wins lawsuit vs. [tag]The Beatles[/tag]’ [tag]Apple Corps[/tag]

Hallelujah! I said this lawsuit was a joke, and some Brit judge agreed with me.

Now, I want the Imperially Inclined, Distortion Dishing JobsGod to teach those fossils a lesson: buy the rat bastard’s out and give the catalog away as free downloads via the iTunes store. Better yet, buy the clowns out and give it–for free–to Michael Jackson, to line up next to the part of the Beatles’ catalog he already controls. One way or another, burn that idiot McCartney’s remaining royalties out of his pocket and right into the ground for letting this ridiculous piece of shit lawsuit ever see the inside of a courtroom.


Beatles to judge: “Apple Computer is infringing on our music label.” Judge to Beatles: “Die in a fire”

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