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Archive for "May 04 2006"

Does Whoever From Advance.Net Has Been Lurking Here

Understand the whole “leave a comment” concept?

C’mon, Condé Nasties, I noticed a baker’s half dozen of you just spent roughly twenty minutes running through a bunch of pageviews, after one of you stumbled in on a Google search that led to a post from the “Damn You, Jeff Jarvis!” days; which ended a short while ago (as did JJ’s employ with you jamokes as your Glorious Leader).

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Moonbats and Wingnuts Collide, Oh My!

War of words: website can’t define Cuba:

One editor complained that Havana sympathizers were transforming a scholarly enterprise into ”their own private Fidel Castro fan page.” A user was tossed out after threatening to sue another for libel.

The fuss is over the [tag]Cuba[/tag] entry in Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia created, edited and administered entirely by volunteers with the altruistic purpose of becoming a Web-based knowledge repository for humanity.

When I first saw this, I laughed, because expecting anything politically charged in [tag]Wikipedia[/tag]’s entries to meet their “neutrality” standard is pretty much a loser’s bet; it always ends up a food fight.

The thing that surprised me, though, is how the name of cholo cubano commandante’s* main Internet Nemesis didn’t show up in the article.

I mean, this Miami Herald reporter ought to know [tag]Val Prieto[/tag] ([tag]Babalu[/tag] Blog) is the go-to guy for all things Cuba/Fidel on the web…..

(*=TC’s Twisted Spanglish)

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