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Hitch is a Boozer??? Say It Ain’t So!!!

[tag]Juan Cole[/tag] goes off his meds responding to [tag]Christopher Hitchens[/tag] bitchslapping his ass over at Slate.

UPDATE: Hitch lays the hammer down on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show. Money quotes:

And so when I’m attacked, I’ll tell you what I do. I always reply, if it’s a slanderous allegation of that sort, impugning professionalism. And I don’t just reply, I reply again and again. I hit back. I mean, people are sorry if they do that kind of thing.

Responding to the “he’s just a drunk” crap:

They can ask themselves how it is that I manage to turn in copy that everyone wants to print, on demand, regularly, every week and every month. And I show up regularly to give lectures and television appearances also. And it would, I think, show if I was a hopeless case.


EUrabia: An Unsettlingly Clear Overview

Europe’s Two Culture Wars

Yet to blame “multi-culti” p.c. for Europe’s paralysis is to remain on the surface of things. Culture War A—the attempt to impose multiculturalism and “lifestyle” libertinism in Europe by limiting free speech, defining religious and moral conviction as bigotry, and using state power to enforce “inclusivity” and “sensitivity”—is a war over the very meaning of tolerance itself. What Bruce Bawer rightly deplores as out-of-control political correctness in Europe is rooted in a deeper malady: a rejection of the belief that human beings, however inadequately or incompletely, can grasp the truth of things—a belief that has, for almost two millennia, underwritten the European civilization that grew out of the interaction of Athens, Jerusalem, and Rome.

Postmodern European high culture repudiates that belief. And because it can only conceive of “your truth” and “my truth” while determinedly rejecting any idea of “the truth,” it can only conceive of tolerance as indifference to differences—an indifference to be enforced by coercive state power, if necessary. The idea of tolerance as engaging differences within the bond of civility (as Richard John Neuhaus once put it) is itself regarded as, well, intolerant. Those who would defend the true tolerance of orderly public argument about contending truth claims (which include religious and moral convictions) risk being driven, and in many cases are driven, from the European public square by being branded as “bigots.”

But the problem goes deeper still. For one thing, however loudly European postmodernists may proclaim their devotion to the relativity of all truths, in practice this translates into something very different—namely, the deprecation of traditional Western truths, combined with a studied deference to non- or anti-Western ones. In the relativist mindset, it thus turns out, not all religious and moral conviction is bigotry that must be suppressed; only the Judeo-Christian variety is. In short, the moral relativism of Europe is often mere window-dressing, a mask for Western self-hatred.

Today’s MUST READ!

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