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Sorry, I Don’t Get It

When I first spotted the headline and started reading today’s NY Post editorial, THE METS’ PODUNK PROBLEM, I was enjoying the idea that the Posties were bitch-slapping the Mutts over their second-class status in New York town. First, they detail how the Yanks are getting a fatter deal to build the new Stadium up in the Bronx. Then they rip the Mutts for planning to sell off naming rights for the replacement of their current home toilet bowl, instead of following the Yankee lead and eschewing the naked money grab naming rights represents, asking ” Can’t the Mets aspire to greatness, too?”

Instead of grubbing for $10 million a year in naming rights – i.e., the going rate for a utility infielder and, say, an aging middle-inning relief pitcher – the Mets could show this city, and the world, that the club is on a par with the Yankees when it comes to the history, and the moral integrity, of the game.

Alright, even I can admit that is unfair; Darth Boss George, in his most psychotic, fit of pique moment, would never have the balls to even propose the insane idea of calling The House That George Bought anything other than “Yankee Stadium.” What corporate name comes close to the team’s own, recognized world-wide brand? But then the Post goes, IMO, right off the rails:

That is, the new Mets Stadium must be Jackie Robinson Stadium.

It’s as simple as that.

I understand the feelgood posturing (“history…moral intergrity…”) in what the Post is proposing, but sorry, Charlie, I don’t see how that decision is so cut and dry that the team in Queens “must” do such a thing.

Jackie Robinson has absa-fucking nothing to do with the NY Mets Mutts. Nada. Zero. El Zippo. It would take some mightily convoluted logic to associate the team with Jackie:

See, when the NY Giants and the Brooklyn Dodgers skipped town for California, Major League Baseball needed a new National League team in NYC, so the Mutts were born…and their new ballpark’s façade is going to resemble Ebbits Field, where the Brooklyn Dodgers’ played, and Jackie played for the Brooklyn Dodgers, so…

So nothing; naming that ballpark after Robinson would be “moral” grandstanding of the basest sort. The team in Queens has as much to do with Robinson, historically, as the bloody Arizona Diamondbacks or Seattle Mariners.

Contrary to the ex-pat Brit twits logic the Post’s idiot editorial voice is displaying, Jackie Robinson’s legacy does not belong to New York, and certainly not to the goddamned Mutts.

It belongs to baseball’s history, which is why every team in both leagues has retired his number. Naming the new Mutt ballpark after him would be “cashing in” at a level far worse that calling it “Verizon Park” or some other such shit.

(cross posted at da Darkside)

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