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Archive for "Apr 13 2006"

Make “The Daily Show” Pay

I think it’s fitting, since South Park bloody well put the channel on the map; let its fans break their back. Make the blowback show up in that useless Jersey jerkoff [tag]Jon Stewart[/tag]’s ratings…

Media Blog on National Review Online

I’m not sure if it’s been reported yet, but for what it’s worth, I just got off the phone with a Comedy Central spokesman. I asked him about last night’s episode of [tag]South Park[/tag] in which, at a moment right before the prophet [tag]Mohammed[/tag] was supposed to make a cameo, the words, “[tag]Comedy Central[/tag] has refused to broadcast an image of Mohammed on their network” appeared on the screen.

I asked him whether this truly was Comedy Central’s decision or whether this was just another gag (with South Park, you never know). He said:

They reflected it accurately. That was a Comedy Central decision.

Just in case there was any confusion, that settles it. Comedy Central censored the image.

“Willing to Silence Matt and Trey? THEN [tag]THE DAILY SHOW[/tag] PAYS.”

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Excuse Me, You Limey Gobstopping EUweeners!

Admit it: we took “rounders” and made it a game people want to play, and now we OWN your ass when it comes to wandering around a country club and chasing a shitty little ball:
Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler » More Fucking PC Crap

You want a definition of “spazz,” in the American lexicon?

Look in a mirror, jagoff; “We seen the enemy and LAUGH at you toothless twits.”

“Revenge” Update

So I took the hounds and paid a housecall, and scared the crap out of the suspect. Two “they will fucking eat you” monsters and one sweet, handsome devil (who’s the worse of the lot) allowed me purchase in said suspect’s apartment, and since said suspect is an idiot when it comes to such things, I could verify that is was not, in actuality, said suspect’s computer that allowed the criminal entry and led to tearing my stuff up. Which made me think of any earlier (in the same timeframe) hack job that I just blew off as code kiddie prick shit….

I think aaron (who, sitewise, still seems screwed) and me maybe got hit by the same piles o’ shit. Because the original, “didn’t think much of it” hack looks a hell of a lot like the screen grab aaron tossed up. And while rebuilding everything on my side of the dial I’ve been running into maddening shit that doesn’t seem to allow my fixes to stick. As in, like him, I’m still under some sorta assault.

I mean, sections of my domain that no one even looks at are acting all sorts of weird when I try to rebuild them.

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